On a Sour Note

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"On a Sour Note" is the twenty-first episode of Viva Piñata's first season. It aired in North America on February 3, 2007.


Pierce Profitamole

When the piñatas form a rock band, the result is less than rockin’ – until a Sour profitamole joins the group and contributes some wild sounds. The piñatas join to tame the wild musician, but when they take the sour out of the mole, he also loses his musical edge. With the big concert coming up, how can they perform without a wild lead singer?

Gameplay tips


  • Tina: Sour? He's downright acidic.

  • Hudson: Megastar. Superstar. Rockstar. I'd practically be a constellation.

  • Franklin: Whoa, limo in the pool. He really is a rockstar.

  • Pierce: A show? Oh I do hope it's the ballet.
  • Ella: Oh, I think he's lost his memory. How absolutely tragic!

  • Pierce: "Oy, Oy, Oy! Sakawakachigiwitit!!!"


  • When Pierce is not sour anymore he can't remember anything, though in Mad Mongo when Mongo gets tamed he can remember everything.
  • Pierce's personalities resemble famous British stereotypes. As a Sour, he resembles an anarchy-bent punk rocker. When he was cured, he resembles a stuffy, upper-class gentleman.
  • In this episode, a Sour Profitamole needs to eat toadstools to get tamed. But in the game, a Sour Profitamole has to eat a Red Flutterscotch & have Mushrooms in the garden.
  • When flipping through the magazine and after deciding to become a rock band, the Candary Romance Dance can be heard.


Characters which make their first appearances in this episode are:

  • Pierce Profitamole