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xenocidic (talk contribs blocks protects deletions moves)

This user is an administrator on the wiki. (verify)
This user plays on Xbox Live, with the gamertag xenocidic.

  • check for other articles with missing tabs (besides the plants)
  • see if we've overlooked any other things that need to be done for the game release.
  • write some cat art or other {{stub}} content
  • Make proposals for improving existing templates
  • Design a better-looking (but not more complex) Infobox
→ Figure out how to install these extra editing buttons

Mainspace previews

Template subpages

  • These templates can be called using {{subst:UX|(subpage name)|(paramaters)}}
    • /UX/- → proposed name {{divclear}} - used to close article tabs
    • /UX/hide → collapsible box, subst above the content to be hidden and put |} at the bottom
    • /UX/lc → displays page title in lowercase i.e. User:Xenocidic becomes user:xenocidic
    • /UX/link → used to link directly to tabs (see documentation)
    • /UX/t → rather than substituting the target template, it insert a link to transclude it
    • /UX/unsigned → used to insert a note about an unsigned comment
    • /UX/Xbox Live → a userbox that looks like the one in the top right of my userpage

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