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This template is used to create page tabs.

There are two parameters, the first being the type of page (article, species, or plant) and the second being the platform (and gametype, if applicable). It will default to a Trouble in Paradise article if no parameters are supplied.

This template should be subst:'ed.

classic              {{subst:div|article|classic}}
trouble in paradise  {{subst:div|article|tip}}         //default - if no parameters are passed
    - Standard       {{subst:div|article|tipStd}}
    - Just for fun   {{subst:div|article|tipJff}}
pocket paradise      {{subst:div|article|pp}}
television show      {{subst:div|article|tv}}

classic              {{subst:div|species|classic}}
tip Standard         {{subst:div|species|tipStd}}
tip Just for fun     {{subst:div|species|tipJff}}
pocket paradise      {{subst:div|species|pp}}
television show      {{subst:div|species|tv}}

^^  The above tabs must be closed with {{subst:UX|-}} and each article ends with <headertabs/>
^^  common content not within a page tab may appear below the headertabs closing

Basic article shell
---start---          //eliminate any sections you don't need



=Trouble in Paradise=

=TiP - Standard=

=TiP - Just for Fun=

=Pocket Paradise=

=TV show=

                     //never forget <headertabs/> - it closes the tabs
===end===            //any content you put below it and it will show on any tab