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This documentation is transcluded from Template:Button/doc


This template is used to display an icon for a controller button or keypress, i.e. {{Button|a}} results in: Button a.png

The images must be named as follows "Image:Button ?.png" where ? is the lowercase letter or name of the button.

Parameter Code Result
Xbox 360
a {{Button|a}} Button a.png
b {{Button|b}}
Error creating thumbnail: File missing
back {{Button|back}} Button back.png
dd {{Button|dd}} Button dd.png
dl {{Button|dl}} Button dl.png
dr {{Button|dr}} Button dr.png
du {{Button|du}} Button du.png
lb {{Button|lb}} Button lb.png
ls {{Button|ls}} Button ls.png
lt {{Button|lt}} Button lt.png
rb {{Button|rb}} Button rb.png
rs {{Button|rs}} Button rs.png
rt {{Button|rt}} Button rt.png
x {{Button|x}} Button x.png
y {{Button|y}} Button y.png

Games for Windows
esc {{Button|esc}} Button esc.png
lmouse {{Button|lmouse}} Button lmouse.png
rmouse {{Button|rmouse}} Button rmouse.png