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Making a Christmas Garden

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! All year round, here on Winter’s wonderland garden!

Trouble in Paradise now offers the Piñarctic and an arctic array of piñatas that would love a new home in your snowy garden. During the gameplay you'll see snowshoes, Santa hat, furry earmuffs in the accessories along with a non-resident scarf. All arctic piñatas are going to want snowy landscape, and festive holiday home to live in, so here are some instructions, examples, and tips for putting together your own Christmas garden!

First you'll want to choose the jolliest, holiday-est piñatas that will spruce up your wintery wonderland. Some of the species that would make great flurry land creatures are Moojoo, Doenuts, Robeans, and Jelis.


Here are a few Pinata Vision cards and characters from my Christmas garden you can scan to get started:


  • There are many items in Costalot's general store that would go well with a winter garden. The toy trains are great obviously, and be sure to add the Station for the full Christmas village effect. Weave and twist your tracks throughout the garden and place fir tree and holly bushes in between. Then have your Robeans go for ride!!
  • Dress up your piñata friends in Santa hats and snowshoes or Breegull waders for great impressions of you know who.
  • Remember your variants! There are tons piñatas that have red, green and white variants that are perfect for your snowy paradise. Some examples would be green Polollybear and Juicygoose, red Sherbat and Pengum and finally a white Sarsgorilla. Flapyaks have a green and a red variant!
  • New piñatas strictly from the Piñarctic and those who have an arctic variant color are another option for you. These piñatas are mostly white with a bit of blue, and remind us of the coldest days of winter. A few of these are Bunnycombs, Juicygeese and Pretztails.
  • Holiday piñata houses are a nice touch. Your village can contain the homes of the Robean, Moojoo and Jeli which are made for this type of garden. Place soft lighting all around the cottage with Moons on a stick.
  • Get out your snow packet or scan the snow landscape card, then plant snowdrop flowers on soil and holly bushes on snow that can be fertilized for maximum beauty. Most of your piñatas will enjoy the taste of these plants, too!
  • For more tips check out this thread on the forums: How to make a Holiday themed garden by Jimmcq.