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| [[Swanana]] || [[Juicygoose]], [[Pigxie]], [[Quackberry]]
| [[Swanana]] || [[Juicygoose]], [[Pigxie]], [[Quackberry]]
| [[Syrupent]] || [[Badgesicle]], [[Mousemallow]]
| [[Syrupent]] || [[Badgesicle]]
| [[Zumbug]] || [[Chewnicorn]], [[Horstachio]]
| [[Zumbug]] || [[Chewnicorn]], [[Horstachio]]

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Sour pinatas and ruffians aren't the only cause of trouble in your garden. Each pinata has its own little quirks, and doesn't always get along well with others. Some pinatas simply dislike another particular species. Others may fight over land and resources. Each species has its own unique attack that comes into play. For example Fizzlybears will spit puzzle pieces when they get angry.

Some solutions to help resolve these quarrels include the following:

  • giving a pinata more of something that it's fighting over,
  • taming a sour Bonboon to help break up fights, or
  • building a habitat in a different part of the garden to keep adversaries separated by distance.

Species Likely to Fight
Species Unfriendly with
Arocknid Reddhott
Badgesicle Syrupent
Barkbark Kittyfloss, Roario
Bonboon Cinnamonkey
Buzzlegum Newtgat, Raisant
Chewnicorn Zumbug
Cinnamonkey Bonboon
Dragumfly Reddhott
Horstachio Ponocky, Zumbug
Juicygoose Quackberry, Swanana
Kittyfloss Barkbark
Lackatoad Salamango
Lickatoad Newtgat
Newtgat Buzzlegum, Lickatoad
Pigxie Rashberry, Swanana
Ponocky Horstachio
Quackberry Juicygoose, Swanana
Raisant Buzzlegum
Reddhott Arocknid, Dragumfly
Roario Barkbark
Salamango Lackatoad
Swanana Juicygoose, Pigxie, Quackberry
Syrupent Badgesicle
Zumbug Chewnicorn, Horstachio