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The Xbox Live Marketplace is a virtual market designed for Microsoft's Xbox 360 console that allows Xbox Live subscribers to download purchased or promotional content.

Playable demos have been released for the classic Viva Piñata and Party Animals, and a demo will soon be available for Trouble in Paradise.


Viva Piñata feature many downloadable items and accessories to customize your pinatas.

Downloadable Content Available for Viva Pinata

Videos / Trailers

  • Online safety video for parents Trailer (186.48 MB, Free)
  • Playing it safe Trailer (147.46 MB, Free)
  • Viva Pinata TV Commercial (60.50 MB, Free)

Available outside of the United States

  • Legs (HD) (599.51 MB, Free)


Gamer Pictures

  • Viva Pinata! Maximum Candiosity Gamer Picture (124.00 KB, Free for the first two days after release)
  • Viva Piñata Sour Picture Pack (172 KB, 80 Microsoft points)
  • Viva Piñata Sweet Picture Pack (172 KB, 80 Microsoft points)


  • Viva Pinata Theme 1 (4.93 MB, 150 Microsoft points)

Accessories for your pinatas

A demo for Trouble in Paradise is expected to release close to the launch date of the game.

  • The demo is shorter than it was for Viva Pinata: Classic, at about 25 minutes rather than 60-75 minutes.
  • As the tutorial from the first game isn't required, the VP:TIP demo player can get stuck right in to the action.
  • The demo features one of the sub-gardens and a sample of the new challenge system to introduce the ideas of baiting and trapping.
  • The demo focuses on the single & same box co-op experiences.
  • The demo will be out just as soon as possible, it's basically done.

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