Chewnicorn in the Garden

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"Chewnicorn in the Garden" is the fourth episode of Viva Piñata's first season. It aired in North America on August 26, 2006.


Gem Tree

Fergy, Paulie, and Franklin are relaxing on the beach. A disagreement starts over the existence of the rare and exotic Chewnicorn. Paulie will only believe in chewnicorns if he sees one, so Franklin and Fergy are determined to prove they exist. The group buys a gem tree, to grow irresistible gems for a chewnicorn to snack on during the middle of the night. Fergy elects to take watch for the night.

In the morning, all the gems have been eaten off of the tree, yet Fergy had fallen asleep and failed to spot the chewnicorn. They decide to plant another gem tree, and this time, all three will take watch for the night. The pinatas fall asleep, one by one. Then Franklin wakes up to the sound of rustling in the gem tree. He carefully climbs the tree, to find Fergy chowing down on the gems! Fergy pleads with Franklin to lie to Paulie about seeing a chewnicorn. They manage to convince Paulie that a chewnicorn ate them, so one final watch is set. Again, Fergy can't resist but to indulge in the gems. However the clever pretztail has laid a trap for whoever eats the gems, and Fergie is snared. Discouraged, the pinatas begin to think that chewnicorns really might not exist, then start arguing about dragonaches. But maybe chewnicorns do exist after all...

Gameplay tips


  • Fergy: But the gems... The succulent crunchiness... The inner embrace of sweet delight.... The flavor that says, "Mouth, I love you!"
  • Franklin: "Mouth, I love you"?

  • Fergy: Look, Paulie's going to make fun of me for the rest of my life, unless he kills me... and he makes fun of me for the rest of my death!

  • Franklin: But Fergy, you know I can't lie.

  • Fergy: Don't think of it as lying. Think of it as not telling the truth.

  • Chewnicorn: Everyone knows Dragonaches don't exist!


  • In the beginning a Juicygoose and a Quackberry laugh at Fergy and continue to their game. But in the (Video)Game they fight
  • The music that Fergy listens to is the viva pinata theme song