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Base value:100 coins
Seed price:22 coins
Chili price:100 coins

Chilies share their color with fire engines. The engine is famous for stopping fires, while the chili will start one in the mouth of anything that is brave or foolish enough to eat it.

  • Buy a chili, General Store at level 11, 500 cc.
  • Plant a chili seed, General Store at level 11, 22 cc.
  • Hire Bart to tinker a Jeli.
  • 4th line shows up as more...

Surface terrain requirements

Vegetable needs to be planted in grass, soil or long grass.

How best to grow it

3 applications of red fertilizer on the chili immediately after planting it, for maximum effect.


Chili seed uses

Chili uses

Rotten chili uses

  • Eating 1 rotten chili helps meet the Rashberry Romance requirements.

Note: Tapping on a chili will turn it rotten.

A fully catalyzed chili sells for 400 chocolate coins.

Other information

  • Plant about nine or so close together and use 3 applications of red fertilizer on the cluster immediately after planting them, for extra cash.
  • Chilies cannot be transformed.