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Trouble in Paradise

How to:

The How To section contains information on how to do many things the garden. It is located in the menu by pressing Button x.png and then, selecting the journal icon.

How to: Item How to: In-game Information
How to: bait bag If you want to catch a piñata in a trap, you’ll need to lure it in with some bait. When you are in the Piñarctic or Dessert Desert regions, press Button x.png to bring up the menu and point at the bait bag using the Button ls.png. Now press Button a.png to open the bait bag in the region. You can cycle through the available bait by using Button lb.png and Button rb.png bumpers. When you have found your ideal bait, drop it into position using Button a.png.
How to: Place houses When you want to build a house, the cursor changes to carry a building site. Move around the garden to find a good spot. You can’t put it down if there isn’t room or another object is in the way (the site turns red to show this). Leave space for the door, so piñatas can move in and out. You can spin a site around-tap Button x.png to spin the site a quarter turn. If you hold Button x.png and move Button ls.png, you can spin the site to any angle! When you’re happy, press Button a.png to put the site down.
How to: Use fertilizer Fertilizer can be bought and used directly from the shop. It can trigger bonus branches on trees, more heads on flowers and enlarged growth on vegetables. There are many different colors of fertilizer, but only the correct color works on any specific plant.
How to: advance controls Advanced controls allow you to completely manipulate your view of the garden. You can rotate your view around the cursor by pushing the Button rs.png left and right, and if you push up and down on the Button rs.png, you can look up and down. If these movements feel and little off you may invert them by pressing Start and tweaking the options you find in there. Getting closer to the action is a quick press of Button rt.png, while Button lt.png will take you further away. Finally clicking Button rs.png will toggle an overhead view of the green. This all too much? Turn on simple controls…
How to: bouncer board If you become a master romancer for a piñata species, you might not want anymore for a while. Put your cursor on the bouncer board, and press Button a.png to use it. The board will show all the piñatas that you have master romanced. Now you can move the cursor over the piñata with Button ls.png and ban them using Button a.png. This will stop them from coming into the garden. To clear a ban, put the cursor on the banned piñata, and press Button a.png again-the ban will be lifted. When you have finished, return to the garden by pressing
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How to: camera-advance That camera doesn’t just take a pretty picture-it also allows you to upload your photos to the internet for all to see. To do this, first make sure you are signed into Xbox LIVE, view your photo, then press Button a.png to upload it. No need to worry about losing it, as you will always keep a copy you have taken too. Even better, why not send a resident piñata to a friend by using the really special function which magically captures the piñata you snapped, removes the little tyke from your garden, and then encodes it for Piñata Vision onto the photo. To do this, press Button y.png when the option arises. You can return them again by pressing Button y.png on any photo with a piñata captured in there, and they will be delivered back to you. How does this work you ask? Well, that would be telling…
How to: camera-basics Want to capture that special moment? Press Button x.png to open the menu, and then select the camera tool. Point the camera left and right with the Button ls.png and up and down with the Button rs.png. You can invert these if you like by pressing Start and tweaking the camera options. Want to get closer? Button rt.png will help you get there and Button lt.png will move you further away. When you are happy with the shot, press Button a.png to take the photo. Happy snapping!
How to: candiosity meter Piñata Central will only send piñatas that are filled to the brim with candy to parties. You can get your piñatas ready for their trip in a Cannoñata by feeding them. Their candiosity meter will also increase if you give them names or buy them accessories. Find the many ways that you can increase a piñata’s candiosity meter, and then send it off to a party! There isn’t anything that they like better.
How to: cure piñata Doc Patchngo runs an emergency service. When one of your piñatas is sick put the cursor onto them. Now press the Button a.png button to call out the Doctor and see how much he charges. Press Button back.png to accept (and have the fee taken form your chocolate coins), and then he will be on his way to fix your poorly piñata.
How to: experience petals Around the clock there are experience petals. They show you how much experience you need before your gardener level increases. When you gain experience, the petals turn blue. Sometimes the experience petals have blue beads. For each blue bead, you need to fill the petals once. For example if there are 2 beads, you will need to fill the petals 3 times before your gardener level will increase. (once for each bead and then once more).
How to: fertilize tool You never know when you need a spot of fertilizer. Simply put the cursor on a plant, and press Button x.png to bring up the menu. Now select the fertilizer tool. You will return to the garden with a bag of fertilizer over the plant. Use Button lb.png and Button rb.png bumpers to cycle through the available fertilizers. When you have the fertilizer you want, press Button a.png to sprinkle some on the plant.
How to: long grass packet Once you have the long grass packet, you can select it from the main menu Button x.png. First, select the grass packet. The menu should change to allow you to choose between packets you have. Select one with Button ls.png and press Button a.png to return to the garden with your chosen packet. You can use the shortcut on the D-pad if you have the cursor in the garden. Simply press Button dr.png to bring up the grass packet, and Button dr.png again to change to the long grass packet.
How to: multiplayer Viva Pinata Trouble In Paradise allows up to four players to play together in the same garden on Xbox LIVE, giving you a chance to cooperate with players from around the world to create the ultimate garden! Work cooperatively with other players to help out around the garden, and reap the benefits! Earn extra chocolate coins, and share them round as you see fit! Share piñata species with one another, and level up together! Set permissions for players entering your garden. Trusted players can have full access to tools and shop! If someone is causing trouble in your garden, don’t fret: permissions allow you to strip tools away or even give someone the boot from your garden!
How to: packet When you have chosen a packet, you can start planting grass or laying sand and snow straight away. Press Button a.png to start pouring from the packet, and then press Button a.png again to stop. You can only plant grass on good soil. If you have too much sand, snow or grass, the packet lets you remove it. To do so, press Button x.png to start removing surface, then press Button x.png again to stop. Sometimes you need a delicate touch, so pressing Button x.png switches between large and small cursors. Get the packet out super quickly by pressing Button dr.png.
How to: piñata costumes The pinata costumes are themed groups of three accessories each, which give a boost to a pinata's value when worn. You’ll have to experiment to discover them, and remember, your pinata can’t be wearing any other accessories at the same time.
How to: Piñata Vision Plug in your Xbox LIVE Vision camera and turn the focus ring counter-clockwise until it won’t move any further. Now, put the camera somewhere convenient where you can hold cards in front of it, When the camera see a card, a little screen will appear in the game just below the clock. Hold the card (landscape orientation) without covering it with your fingers and without bending it. The little camera screen will draw lines around the card to show that it’s reading it. When the camera has a clear picture, the card will light up in the camera screen and you will hear a confirmation sound. New items will be placed into your cursor in the game, and other cards will trigger their effects almost immediately.
How to: player permissions If you are hosting a game and you have players visiting you, press the Button back.png button, choose a player and press Button a.png to set their permissions. You can award no permissions, limited permissions, or fully trusted access. No permissions completely prohibit your visitors from interfering with a garden. They can only mover their cursor, watch romance cutsceans and snap pictures. Limited permissions allow visitors to perform non-harmful work in the garden. You can buy items, use tools to get rid of weeds, pests and Ruffians, guide, romance and trap piñatas, play with toys, and use Pinata Vision. You cannot sell anything or dig up and resurface the garden. Full permissions mean that the owner of the garden completely trusts you, and you can do almost anything you could do in your own garden, except choose Langston’s challenges and entering the garden store. For every item you sell, the owner of the garden will get 50% of the profits. Rest assured that no visitor to your garden can ever harm, sell or send away any of your precious wildcard piñatas.
How to: romancing minigame-stage 1 You need to take control of your pinata and try to reach your partner without hitting the Loathers. The Loathers are creatures created by Professor Pester, and they hate the piñatas being happy. Push Button ls.png in any direction to make your pinata move, and remember, if you hit a Loather, you will lose a chance. If you lose all of your chances, the game is over. Before you can approach your partner though, you need to collect the required number of love hearts (indicated by the meter on the screen). If you search out more hearts than necessary, you’ll receive a chocolate coin bonus for each extra one collected. Any hearts you leave behind will count against your total time. You can also press Button y.png at any time to change views between the standard camera and the special “close cam.”
How to: romancing minigame-stage 2 There are leaderboards to record the fastest romancing times for each minigame. Beat a fast enough time at maximum difficulty and a twin bonus can be yours too. Go for it!
How to: romancing minigame-stage 3 Watch out for Super Loathers which are colored blue and are Professor Pester’s latest attempt to thwart your piñatas’ romancing activities. They can move in any direction and will try to chase you down and zap you if you get too close. They’re also indestructible. So watch out!
How to: romancing minigame-stage 4 To move slowly, press Button ls.png gently. If you press Button ls.png further, then your piñata will run. You should practice your slow and fast movement until you can make your piñata move at the speed you want.
How to: romancing minigame-stage 5 As you romance more of a species the challenge will become tougher. You’ll notice that there are more hearts to collect, more hazards and less chances. This will continue until you reach the maximum difficulty, which occurs as you are becoming a Master Romancer.
How to: romancing minigame-stage 6 Collect all the hearts in the maximum difficulty of minigame to improve your chances of getting a wildcard offspring.
How to: romancing minigame-stage 7 Some of the Loathers and hearts will move around, and you’ll have to take care to avoid them. They move in straight lines, circles or other patterns.
How to: romancing minigame-stage 8 Some of the Loathers are sleeping and you need to move Button ls.png gently to tiptoe past them without waking them up. If you do wake them up they will explode!
How to: romancing minigame-stage 9 Some of the Loathers and hearts will become invisible when the game starts. Keep an eye open for these, and if you forget where they are, you can hold down Button a.png to make them re-appear. Be careful though, it’ll cost you time on the clock.
How to: sand packet When you have the sand packet, you can select it from the main menu Button x.png. First, select the grass packet. The menu should change to allow you to choose between the packets you have. Select one with Button ls.png, and press Button a.png to return to the garden with your chosen packet. You can use the shortcut on the D-pad if you have the cursor in the garden. Simply push Button dr.png to bring up the grass packet and Button dr.png again to cycle through your available packets.
How to: seed bag Instead of visiting the shop to buy some seeds, you can use the seed bag. Press Button x.png to bring up the menu, and point at the seed bag using the Button ls.png. Press Button a.png to open the seed bag in the garden. You can cycle through the available seeds by using the Button lb.png and Button rb.png bumpers. When you have found the seed you want to buy, drop it into position using Button a.png. The cost will be taken from your chocolate coin total.
How to: seeds When you have a seed in your cursor, you can move it around the garden, If the seed is held over a surface where it cannot be planted, it will turn a shade of red. You can still drop it down in these areas by using
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. You can pick it up again by using Button a.png. When you find a nice spot, then press Button a.png to plant the seed. Easy!
How to: shovel The shovel is very useful, and you can use it in lots of ways. With even the most basic shovel, you have a choice of hitting objects Button a.png or gently tapping or poking things Button x.png. If you hold Button a.png down, the shovel waits in mid-air. When you let Button a.png go, it swings. This isn’t a stronger hit-It just allows you to time your hits more precisely. When you improve you shovel, you will be able to do even more things with it. For those of you in a hurry, jump right to the shovel by pressing Button du.png.
How to: shovel-advanced techniques The higher-level shovels will allow you to dig and fill large areas of your garden in any shape you choose without all the manual labor! Just mark out the area you would like to dig by pressing Button y.png to place corner markers, of which you will need at least three, then press Button x.png to dig a pond hole or Button a.png to flatten the area. If you make a mistake, don’t worry, you can always press
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to undo your last marker. If you undo the first marker the spade will return to normal behavior. The only limits are a maximum number of corner markers shown by the blue wedges on the cursor and a maximum area shown by the red wedges. If any of these fill up, then you will have to make your shape a little less extreme!
How to: snow packet When you have the snow packet, you can select it from the main menu Button x.png. First, select the grass packet. The menu should change to allow you to choose between the packets you have. Select one with Button ls.png, and press Button a.png to return to the garden with your chosen packet. You can use the shortcut on D-pad if you have the cursor in the garden. Simply push Button dr.png to bring up the grass packet and Button dr.png again to cycle through your available packets.
How to: store house Are you fed up with stuff going bad before you can use it? Build a store house-available from Willy. When in the garden, you can pick up flower heads, fruit, vegetables and other produce and drop them into the store house. They are kept in perfect condition inside, for as long as you want. To remove items, put your cursor on the store house, and press Button x.png to look inside. All the items are listed: move cursor with Button ls.png , and press Button a.png to return the item to the garden. There is a rumor that sometimes items stored together fuse, but I’ve never seen anything like that!
How to: tinker Changing one item into another is vital to attract some pinatas. Call up the menu Button x.png, and select the Village option. Now pick Bart from the list, and you will go into his shop. Choose the level of service. Gold will always work but is very expensive. Silver is very reliable but occasionally go wrong. Bronze is cheap but less effective-worth a gamble. When the service is chosen, you’ll return to the garden to choose an item to tinker. Lots of things can be changed, so an experiment (with an apple for example).
How to: trap There are new species out in the wilds of Pinata Island. When you visit these areas and decide you want to take home one of the new species, you must open the menu Button x.png and select Langston’s store Button a.png. He can sell you a trap. The cheap trap is quite weak, so choose one strong enough for the task. Place it in the area Button a.png, and press Button back.png to make it irresistible with bait. Press Button x.png for the menu, and select the bait tool Button a.png. Choose the bait to put on the trap. You can lay trails of bait if you like, or put a distracting pile of bait in one corner while you lure the piñata you are after into the trap. Don’t forget to frighten away unwanted piñatas with the Button a.png button, but be warned-they may panic other piñatas on their way out of the garden. Happy trapping!
How to: trick stick When piñatas eat certain items, they perform a trick. Quickly get out the trick stick by pressing Button x.png for the menu, then selecting the trick stick icon with the Button ls.png and pressing Button a.png. It’s even quicker to press Button du.png twice. Back in the garden, you can use the trick stick on a piñata when it’s doing a trick by pressing Button a.png. If you do it right, the piñata will learn the trick. When you use the stick on the piñata that learned the trick, it will perform the trick without eating anything!
How to: watering can A good gardener knows how to use a watering can and it’s not as simple as just tipping it up. Press Button a.png to pour a single dose from the can. This is useful if you want to give a plant just the right amount of water. If you press Button x.png to start pouring, the can, the can will keep pouring until it’s empty, but you stop it by pressing Button x.png again. The can will automatically refill over time. Sigh, if only there was a purse with the same abilities. For those or you in a rush, press Button dl.png to skip right to your can.