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Complete List of Live Gardening Permissions

This was a list posted by Rare employee ivan_der_schreckliche on these forums a while back. It was helpful to me so I am posting it in case others needed it. All credit goes to Ivan for the information, I am just putting it in a chart.

hi all, in case you have doubts about what permissions you want to give to players visiting your garden, look no further. here's a complete list of what you can and can't do. it's from the internal testing document we had at rare, so should be pretty accurate.

Gardening Permissions over Live
Action No Permissions Limited Permissions Full Permissions
Move Cursor Yes Yes Yes
Dig/Fill Seed Holes No Yes Yes
Dig/Fill Ponds No No Yes
Cut Grass No No Yes
Whack/Poke Things No Yes only Trees, Ruffians, Dastardos, Sour Candy Yes
Use Bulldozer Tool No No Yes
Water Plants No Yes but No Overwatering Yes
Water Helpers and Piñatas No Yes only if Character Likes Water Yes
Apply/Remove Surface Terrain No No Yes
Use Trick Stick No Yes but not to Poke Piñatas Yes
Talk to Helpers No Yes only Seedos Yes only Seedos
Direct Piñatas No Yes but not to Eggs, Sour Candy, or Another Piñata Species Yes
Watch Romance Dances Yes Yes Yes
Pick Up/Drop Items No Yes Yes
Buy Seeds No Yes not Weeds Yes
Buy Items No Yes not Weed Seeds Yes
Fertilize Plants No Yes Yes
Buy Piñatas from Gretchen's No Yes Yes
Tinker Items No No Yes
Heal Piñatas with Doc Patchingo No Yes Yes
Cancel Healing of Piñatas No No Yes
Use Fertilizer Piles No No Yes
Turn On/Off Items No No Yes
Turn On/Off Toys No Yes Yes
Visit Dessert Desert/Piñarctic No Yes Yes
Enter Shops No Yes Yes
Sell Things, Swap Accessories No No Yes cannot Sell Wildcard Piñatas
Pack Items Into Crates No No Yes
Pack Money Into Crates and Edit Message No No Yes
Send Crates No No Yes but not Crates Containing Wildcard Piñatas
Unpack Crates No No Yes
Send Piñatas to Parties No No Yes
Rename Piñatas or Helpers No No Yes but not Rude Words