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The User Interface of the game centers around the sunflower in the upper-right corner of the screen.

The leaves rotate around like the hands of a clock, showing the in-game time.

Experience Petals

The small white petals around the in-game clock are your experience meter. As you gain awards, the petals will turn blue in a clockwise direction. Initially, once a complete circle of blue petals is made, you will gain a level and the petals will turn back to white. On higher levels, blue beads will start appearing on the petals and must be removed in order to level. A complete circle of blue petals must be made in order to remove a bead. Once all the beads have been removed, you must make one more complete circle of blue petals to level. For example, if you have 2 beads showing, you will need to make 3 complete circles of blue petals in order to level.


Sprouting from the User Interface there will be three larger petals. These petals are your controls.

  • The Blue petal represents the Button x.png button. It is how you enter the Menu.
  • The Green petal represents the Button a.png button. It is context sensitive and is used for confirmation.
  • The Red petal represents the
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    button. It is context sensitive and is used to cancel or move back one menu tier.
  • The Yellow petal represents the Button y.png button. It is context sensitive and is used to get information on the selected piñata or to go to the checkout screen when in sell mode.
  • The White petal represents the Button back.png button. This will take you directly to the garden regardless of what screen you are on.



The Menu is what you use to interact with other people on Piñata Island. There are eight petals to the Menu.

  • Top: Shovel - Selects the shovel for use.
    • Quick select: UP on the D-pad.
  • Top-Right: The menu changes depending on currently the selected item.
  • Right: Packet of Seeds - Takes you to the packet of seeds menu.
    • Quick select: RIGHT on the D-pad to use the Short Grass.
      • Tap RIGHT on the D-pad a second time to pull out the Long Grass, that is if you have it purchased. Tap RIGHT a third time to return the to Short Grass, etc.
  • Bottom-Right: The Village - Takes you to the local village menu.
  • Bottom: Journal - Takes you to the Journal menu.
  • Bottom-Left: Post Office - Takes you to the post office.
  • Left: Watering Can - Selects the watering can for use.
    • Quick select: LEFT on the D-pad.
  • Top-Left: The menu changes depending on the currently selected item.
    • Nothing selected: Tower of Sour - Takes you to the Tower of Sour menu.
    • Helper selected: Takes you to the Send Home Menu.