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For answers to commonly asked twins questions, see below.

Each piñata has a value. If you check the Value tab on the information window, you can see an in depth overview of the piñata's value in several sub-categories. They are as follows:

Accessories value

This is increased by fitting the piñata with accessories, bought from the Paper Pets store. The higher the quantity and quality of accessories worn, the higher this value.

Age value

This value increases very, very slowly over time. However, this is the only value which does constantly and reliably increases, so if you are aiming for a high value piñata, keep the same one throughout to get the most out of this category.

Overjoyed value

The piñata gets a boost in value when overjoyed. So, if selling a high value piñata, or attempting to get into the leader boards, it may be worth forcing an overjoy.

Sweets value

Not much is known about this category. It has been speculated that it would increase when consuming candy, particularly Life Candy, but it is currently bugged.

Twin value

There is a very small chance that any egg could bear twins. When twins are born no announcement is made, but each of the piñata born will have some added Twin Value.

Base value

Each piñata has a base value. Rarer and higher level piñata have higher base values. Base values can be increased by sending the piñata to parties via Piñata Central.

Commonly asked questions
Are there twin pinatas in Viva Pinata?


In Trouble in Paradise, twins are easy to obtain, simply by completing the mini-game within a certain time limit.

In Classic, infrequently an egg will hatch and produce two (twin) pinatas instead of one. View thread

Due to a bug in Classic, you can only ever get Whirlm twins.

Do they look like wild-cards? How can you tell if pinatas are twins?

No. A twin looks exactly like any other pinata of that species (but sells for more than a non-twin). To confirm if a pinata is a twin, select it, press for Information, and examine the Values page. If there is a non-zero value for Twin value field, then it is a twin. View thread

Do you get a pop-up message about twins when they hatch?

No. If you're mass-romancing pinata, just keep an eye on the Sell price, when selling them. Twins sell for a 50% higher price. View thread

What's so special about twins?

Well, in Classic, they're fairly uncommon, so if you happen to have romanced have a pair of twins, you're fortunate :) View thread

Has anyone gotten twin Wild-cards in Classic?

Not yet. They're even more rare than getting a normal Wild-card. View thread

Due to a bug in the game, you can only ever get Whirlm twins.

Is there anything that increases the chance of getting twins?

Not in Classic, no. Unlike wild-cards, romancing with twin parents won't increase the chances of getting twin offspring. View thread

What are the odds of getting twins in Classic?

No one knows the odds, especially since it's not obvious when a twin has been born, and some probably have been unknowingly sold. View thread

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