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This template displays the Commonly asked questions heading. A null first parameter can be supplied to generate a text heading instead of an anchor.

Generate text (table) heading instead of anchor heading.


{{MiniFAQ-Heading}} gives <span id="Commonly_asked_questions"></span>
{{MiniFAQ-Heading|}} gives Commonly asked questions


Including this template in an article adds the article to Category:Commonly asked questions.

If the Commonly_asked_questions anchor text is changed, be sure to make the corresponding changes to Template:MiniFAQ-SeeAlso, Template:MiniFAQ-SeeAnswer, and Template:MiniFAQ-SeeBelow.

To bold text within an answer, use <font style="font-weight: bold;">...</font>. Use of '''...''' or <b>...</b> will format the text as a question.

Empty MiniFAQ code

{{MiniFAQ-SeeBelow}} is optional, but helpful with long articles.

{{MiniFAQ-SeeAlso|article}} is only needed if links are desired to articles with related common questions. If removing {{MiniFAQ-SeeAlso|article}}, please replace it with a &nbsp; to maintain consistent formatting.

Copy this code and paste it into an existing article:



<div style="clear:both;"></div>
<div id="pii_minifaq_content_container"><div class="pii_minifaq_content_header">{{MiniFAQ-Heading|}}</div><div class="pii_minifaq_content"><b>Question</b>

Answer. {{MiniFAQ-LinkToThread|nnn}}


Answer. {{MiniFAQ-LinkToThread|nnn}}
</div><div class="pii_minifaq_content_footer">{{MiniFAQ-SeeAlso|article}}</div></div>