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This template displays a 'See answer' link to the article named by the first parameter.

Article name to link to (no default)


{{MiniFAQ-SeeAnswer|Wild-card}} gives See answer
({{lcfirst:{{MiniFAQ-SeeAnswer|Elephanilla}}}}) gives (see answer)


A few common questions are a bit difficult to place in a single article, as a visitor to the site might look for answers in a couple of different places. Instead of repeating the answer (and making it necessary to then keep each copy of the answer up to date), a link to the article containing the answer can be provided. This increases the visibility of the question, making it more likely that the visitor will find the information they're looking for.

Please use sparsely, so large numbers of identical questions don't show up in multiple articles.

When using an 'Answer' link, please don't follow it by Template:MiniFAQ-LinkToThread. It would not only be another instance of a multiple copy to keep up to date, but the visitor should see the complete answer, before being given a forum link.