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The following members have volunteered to help test these generated cards for the Piñata Vision barcode project:

Daremo 001; shrly; Hosscat; starjik123

Please report any discoveries (even if it's just to note that a card wasn't valid) by editing this article (or by private message), so it's known that your cards have been tested.

While anyone is welcome to try scanning any of these cards (and is encouraged to help verify results), credit for the discovery goes to the volunteer who was assigned to (and tested) the card. This helps keep things fair, so one member doesn't get credit for scanning every card.

If you missed out on signing up for this specific project, check out the forum's Unlocking the Secrets of the Pinata Vision Barcode thread for more details and other opportunities to volunteer to help discover cards.


Discoveries get announced on Fridays (after the cards have been uploaded to the wiki). Since we want to continue the PV card Friday announcements for the indefinite future, some cards will be set aside for future weeks, to ensure that we don't run out of cards to share each Friday, especially if that week didn't bring any new discoveries.

Rest assured that your name and the date of discovery will be properly credited as the cards are uploaded.

ID table possibilities

These cards may or may not be valid. It's not known what item or effect a generated card may have on your garden. Treat them as unsupported and do any testing/scanning using an alternate gamertag, or garden that's not important to you.

ID Predicted barcode Volunteer Result Result verified by
003V09 9FBA6E9D9E58C056 DAC9B90B2B176F3F FeralKitty Existing black variant Raisant named Ike shrly
003V10 C4793FB3FC049659 53FEE0B821EF8E0B FeralKitty Existing black variant Raisant named Uberto shrly
003V11 D57C77F3FC4596B9 5363739CC52C8442 FeralKitty Existing black variant Raisant named Hannah shrly
006V09 87A2B3965B27CF08 8907D9B928F2198B FeralKitty Existing black (and neon blue) variant Sherbat named Zoe (identical to official black Sherbat from Rare) shrly
006V10 C47CCAF3FC4596B9 F178126B56130401 Daremo 001 existing black variant Sherbat named Dana FeralKitty
006V11 D56CEBB3FC4BC6B9 A6BBE1D2C8EB9B16 shrly Existing black (and neon blue) variant Sherbat named Mark (identical to official black Sherbat from Rare) Hosscat
009V09 CAE76A366D1BE2A4 F0FE0E631E0C8C8E Hosscat Mono Black Buzzlegum named Dana daremo 001
009V10 D0F8D84E1E1BF7AE A6F821FFAC36CC49 FeralKitty Existing black variant Buzzlegum named Amy shrly
009V11 F966D44B263E49A1 0210E31A00A36FB5 Daremo 001 existing black variant Buzzlegum named Gabby FeralKitty
013V09 E430783A7F1AA38F 96F3F51D6D5F1266 shrly Black (from Rare) twingersnap named Pam Hosscat
013V10 F966D2CB267E5D91 904AC03E792786EE Hosscat Mono black Twingersnap named Edward daremo 001
013V11 D47EDEB3690BC6B9 F1F92476A37C826A FeralKitty Existing black variant Twingersnap named Chris shrly
021V10 A3FBD436170E5A02 74AD7B759EFAE284 Daremo 001 new other variant Jameleon solid green named Beth FeralKitty
021V11 836195902A6EA52B 86F2F11D687D9626 shrly Black (from Rare) jameleon named Amy Hosscat
023V10 D77DB8204E1A0B25 04F004C678FCBC99 Hosscat Mono black Camello named Quinn daremo 001
023V11 D0C8CA5E5C60F7AE C582E87B007F479D FeralKitty Existing black variant Camello named Chris shrly
024V09 D4FAF85D5C3FF7AE 43B39D9C6B327023 Daremo 001 existing in game Moozipan normal named Ruth FeralKitty
024V10 DBE6FA760C2BE294 DBAA39D7B60ED58E shrly Black (from Rare) moozipan named Oprah Hosscat
024V11 EE8AF1A0D8C02D27 E518F93B6CE72805 Hosscat Mono black Moozipan named Pam daremo 001
026V09 8AE270A0DC187E2D 2240C1DC59C30D5B FeralKitty Existing black variant Cocoadile named Sonja shrly
026V10 D176B8226D5B2835 16693514539BC669 Daremo 001 existing black Cocoadile named Beth FeralKitty
026V11 C9482E135E4410CC 075277F4B663DF18 shrly Black (from Rare) cocoadile named William Hosscat
030V09 E4357B3B6E2B538F 453B841B4A260CAF Hosscat Mono black Barkbark named Victor daremo 001
030V10 E475682B3F68538F 37ED5E5E1C1DB7BE FeralKitty Existing black variant Barkbark named Francis shrly
030V11 C52EEAF36C4596B9 13AD7537AD16CD66 Daremo 001 existing black variant Barkbark named Linda FeralKitty
033V09 E42129383DA3A38F D31484744D3E3EF5 shrly Black (from Rare) dragumfly named Yuriko Hosscat
033V10 E46538383DB7A38F 82CF469E0A2C174A Hosscat Mono black Dragumfly named Mark daremo 001
033V11 A2FF44360A0B5A32 DAB2D40BEE6B6DAD FeralKitty Existing black variant Dragumfly named Joey shrly
034V10 97B6A3B46F6F9F18 F1F92476A16FB26A Daremo 001 new other variant Quackberry solid green with yellow beak named Chris FeralKitty
034V11 86A6A3A55F669F88 42E091E8BA3BDF13 shrly Black (from Rare) quackberry named Linda Hosscat
035V09 BE81E9A82D6B1623 964C7B34B1C8A749 Hosscat Mono black Desert Arocknid named Theo daremo 001
035V10 E43028683D92A38F AFA92037916F866A FeralKitty Existing black variant Desert Arocknid named Oprah shrly
035V11 9DBADA9FCE502256 B2C53148B4D301D3 Daremo 001 existing black variant Dessert Arocknid named Yuriko FeralKitty
040V09 D5E8C80D5D9FF7AE 075277B6B633DF98 shrly red? orange? salamango named William Hosscat
040V10 BCD1E9A02D6A1FB3 6B9FC814DEC53395 Hosscat Mono Black Salamango(with glowing belly,stripes)named Victor existing black variant daremo 001
040V11 D37251122CA52015 E1DF7BCEC732A1B0 FeralKitty Existing black variant Salamango named Theo shrly
042V11 C2FA6692CE58F076 31A66B15FB6AD2AC Daremo 001 new other variant Pigxie solid light purple with dark purple ears and tail FeralKitty
042V12 CAA82E135D1690EC 636A30B06B364C03 FeralKitty Existing black variant Pigxie named Victor shrly
042V13 F94FD46B261E5A01 B365C0186B36AC03 FeralKitty Existing black variant Pigxie named Kim shrly
042V14 CF762AC44C3BE0B4 E4AD7A369E49D2B4 FeralKitty Existing black variant Pigxie named Joey shrly
043V09 D8F270A0C95869CD 17AD7537EC5FC866 shrly Black (from Rare) pretztail named Linda Hosscat
043V10 CAE76A346D1BE0A4 96E2F1ABE01BC398 Hosscat Mono black Pretztail named Dana daremo 001
043V11 8BE270A0DC187ADD 115E2517A13CB684 FeralKitty Existing black variant Pretztail named Sonja shrly
048V09 9DBED59FCE5022A6 B2E828CF3AD34BE0 Daremo 001 new other variant Artic Bunnycomb solid pale green FeralKitty: pale green, not solid. Looks ill?
048V10 F956D06B269E6101 A4B861BFEC24C249 shrly Black (from Rare) arctic bunnycomb named Pam Hosscat
048V11 DBEEFAE62C0BF0F4 E30BCBDE3D0A064A Hosscat Mono black Arctic Bunnycomb named Edward daremo 001
049V09 D77240106C950035 0304C51CFC050E07 FeralKitty Existing black variant Arctic Hootyfruity named Uberto shrly
049V10 E07B70521BCDB8F0 0640C1CE4F334E4B Daremo 001 existing black variant Artic Hootyfruity named Linda FeralKitty
049V11 E7B9A1A0F1C42D67 arctic hoo18E2BB3CBFDD9560 shrly Black (from Rare) arctic hootyfruity named Gabby Hosscat
050V09 E42129383DE2538F B3C53048B42301F3 Hosscat Mono black Arctic Juicygoose named Yuriko daremo 001
050V10 F95FD3AB269E6061 24EE4C5E1E0C8DFE FeralKitty Existing black variant Arctic Juicygoose named Ruth shrly
050V11 E42129383DE2538F ED69E95A18240CBF Daremo 001 existing black variant Artic Hootyfruity named Yuriko FeralKitty: existing black Arctic Juicygoose
052V09 E07B71121BA2B360 453B841B49620CAF shrly Black (from Rare) juicygoose named Victor Hosscat
052V10 E07B71121BBCB9B0 96B3F51D6D4D3266 Hosscat Mono black Juicygoose named Pam daremo 001
052V11 E07B71121B865AB0 F2C1E09D658F27B2 FeralKitty Existing black variant Juicygoose named Amy shrly
062V10 995D6E134D5718CC E5A87AE5CEEAE2B4 Daremo 001 existing black variant Fourheads named Dana FeralKitty
062V11 BCA17FA06DF61633 83B1E07130EF569D shrly Black (from Rare) fourheads named Oprah Hosscat
069V10 D1DBC81D1804F7AE D1729C7B7F1608CF Hosscat Regular Roario named Nick daremo 001
069V11 A2F8D0BD5D29DEDA 0306D59CBC055E07 FeralKitty Normal Roario named Uberto shrly
069V12 B4E039A0CC18768D B743F9E0E8782F48 FeralKitty Normal Roario named Oprah shrly
069V13 A2F8D4BE5D2ACDDA 2AC6EA64EC5A2FDD FeralKitty Normal Roario named Francis shrly
069V14 9782A3802F6F9F18 E0F97432E52F974A FeralKitty Normal Roario named Chris shrly
084V09 9A5D2E134F4B3DCC F831493F1A0F1A4E Daremo 001 existing black variant Chocstrich named Kim FeralKitty
084V10 D336B8004F172B15 6759F89D834EA644 shrly Black (from Rare) chostrich named Hannah Hosscat
084V11 968383906F2FCD18 D13DF8C853278654 Hosscat Mono Black Chocstrich named Edward daremo 001
085V09 E439DFB3FC049659 2518FA808C778F24 FeralKitty Existing black variant Hootyfruity named Uberto shrly
085V10 DBEED9760D0FA2A4 F2C070032F1E5321 Daremo 001 existing black variant Hootyfruity named Chris FeralKitty
085V11 995D6E134E4A3D6C 33B8C81A347F429D shrly Black (from Rare) hootyfruity named Gabby Hosscat
091V09 E07B6DA21BA2B360 14C1103C2A2C860E Hosscat Mono purple Pudgeon named Victor daremo 001
091V10 979397B63B27CD88 71DB7BCECDB455B0 FeralKitty Existing black variant Pudgeon named Ruth shrly
091V11 D336B8126D1A0415 BA81D1B03D6A0717 Daremo 001 existing black variant Pudgeon named Dana FeralKitty
096V10 D4E9EA5E5ABFF7AE 83E3E2C1AC143656 shrly Black (from Rare) bunnycomb named Oprah Hosscat
096V11 A2FA541F350B59C2 5F1190965924A9B9 Hosscat Mono black arctic Bunnycomb named Uberto daremo 001
113V09 A2F8D0AC5E9CECDA 122920779C7C826A FeralKitty Existing black variant Arocknid named Sonja shrly
113V10 DEEF6A360D0FE0A4 02C034022F184481 Daremo 001 existing black variant Arocknid named Gabby FeralKitty
113V11 A3FB4416240B5AA2 50FC02BF5A671CDA shrly Black (from Rare) arocknid named Francis Hosscat
133V10 F06231A4CC584FBD E8DB690B2B176D3F Hosscat Regular colored Mallowolf, but it's eyes stay red, named Amy daremo 001
133V11 8376A9104F570415 008262A0BD7D2258 FeralKitty Existing black variant Mallowolf named Linda shrly
159V09 82A397871B6F9F88 675BFC0DB29E2D15 Daremo 001 existing black variant Shellybean named William FeralKitty
159V10 DAE629E4583BF2C4 03FE02AC196E174A shrly Black (from Rare) shellybean named Ruth Hosscat
159V11 82A397871B6F9F88 05AF75A5F80096B9 Hosscat Mono black Shellybean named William, you can still see texture on this ones shell existing black variant daremo 001