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The one and only, n64player

I'm just a person who wants to help people, and experiment throughout the website. At first I came on this site to learn more about the different species, but then I found other stuff on the forums. Like the arcade, at one point in time I was basically addicted to the arcade! You used to find me RPing in the many RP's you see in the RP forum, but I haven't been active much there. I usually try to make other people feel welcome because I know what it's like to be new and I hate it! Some personal info: I live in Canada (not telling where in Canada, obviously :p). I am in highschool (Grade 11). My favourite Pinata is the Mallowolf (2nd is the Cocoadile, 3rd is the Polollybear, at a close 3.5th is the Fizzlybear, 4th is the Pretztail, and rounding out the top five at number 5 is the Pieena). I am a big fan of the TV show (I've seen every single episode of the 1st season, and most of the newer ones). My favourite character on the show is Paulie Pretztail (Nobody beats Paulie, man. NOBODY!!!) I am a HUGE fan of techno! Nothing beats techno! But people do have their own opinions. My main RP character is Chris Mallowolf (Mallowolf being my favourite Pinata), although I also RP as Stern Syrupent and Paulie Pretztail. I do have a Youtube account, VPplaya [1], as well as Newgrounds, N64player [2].

Stuff I helped make:

Runescape Music Videos: [3] [4] [5]

Miscellaneous Videos: [6] [7]

Flash Animations: [8] [9]


This is for your comments about me. Whether they are good or bad you can put them here (although bad comments make me feel bad...nah, I'm just kidding)! Example: OMG! You rock dude! - youraccountname


Hi! ~Pinatamastergirl3000



Well, that's a little about the confusing, complex person known as n64player (you should know who that is by now, you do know right?)