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For answers to commonly asked Candy questions, see below.

What would piñatas be without candy? Each species has their own distinct candy fillings themed after the animal. For example, the Buzzlegum’s candy is bubblegum. Piñatas love eating candy. Visiting piñatas want to eat other piñatas' candy as part of the food chain. They'll break a piñata open and snarf down its candy. You can also break open a piñata with your shovel to reveal its candy. The broken piñata then reforms and leaves your garden because it doesn’t have any candy left. Candy from a broken piñata can be sold for coins. Of course, not all candy is sweet. Sour piñatas drop sour candy around your garden. This is one candy you will want your piñatas to avoid.

There are six types of special candy (seven in Trouble In Paradise): Happy candy, Joy candy, Life Essence candy, Piñata candy, Romance candy, Sour candy, and Golf candy.

Happy candy

Happy candy

This candy, which can be bought at Costolot's General Store, makes your piñata happy. Happy piñatas are more willing to do what you tell them to. Totally happy piñatas gain a overjoyed bonus. Overjoyed piñata are more valuable and won't start fights on their own (unless there is another factor such as a Thistle flower).

Joy candy

Joy candy

Joy candy can be bought at Ivor Bargain's store when it's available. This candy maximizes the happiness of any piñata that eats it, instantly giving it an overjoyed bonus. According to the manual, this temporarily halts the aging process, for all the time the pinata is in the Overjoyed state.

Trouble in Paradise In Trouble In Paradise, joy candy may be purchased at Costalot's general store.

Life Essence candy

Tigermisu life essence candy

Each piñata has one very special piece of candy inside, that brings that species alive! Eating this Life Essence candy helps meet other visiting piñatas' residence or trick requirements.

Piñata candy

Piñata candy

All pinatas have candy inside that everyone can not resist. This is one of those types of candy. When a pinata is broken and this candy hits the ground, watch the pinata mob flock to it. Eating this candy will increase its value and happiness!

Trouble in Paradise In Trouble In Paradise, pinata candy is also obtained through gift candy crates from the post office.

Romance candy

Romance candy

Romance candy can be bought at Costolot's General Store. This candy instantly allows the piñata to romance, without having to meet all of its romance requirements. However, there are several catches. You can only feed Romance candy to a piñata if you have romanced that species before. A house to dance in is still required. Also, romance candy will not fulfill terrain requirements for romancing (Doenuts still require you to have 100 pinometers of long grass). You can also select a tame Macaraccoon and press Button x.png for the menu, then choose the "Find Romance Sweet" option to send it off to find a free romance sweet.

Pocket Paradise In Pocket Paradise, romance candy must be earned by responding to party requests from Pinata Central.

Sour candy

Sour candy

Sour candy is dropped by Ruffians and sour piñatas. An unhappy tone sounds when they are dropped to alert you of their presence. This red and black candy makes your piñatas sick and should be dealt with quickly. Find the candy and whack it with your shovel to break it.

Golf candy

Amber golf ball candy Blue golf ball candy Green golf ball candy Red golf ball candy

Trouble in Paradise Only in Trouble In Paradise, can you find the golf ball candy. Once you unlock the two secret golf achievements you may purchase these candies from Costalot's general store. Piñatas do not eat this candy-it is simply for fun! Once they are placed in the garden and putted with the shovel, a counter will appear above the candy, therefore keeping track of how many putts you've done. So go for the golf-themed garden with these candies:

Commonly asked questions
Pinatas eat the romance candy, but don't get hearts over their head. Any idea what's going on?

This is Viva Pinata's population control safeguard. Your garden has reached its pinata limit. Sell some pinatas, to allow pinatas to romance again and produce more eggs. View thread

Why do pinatas sleep on my candy?

Pinatas like to sleep near/on whatever they're fond of, even if they've got a house in the garden. It's very common to see pinatas taking a nap on top of romance candy. Let them rest, and just buy more candy. View thread

This answer sponsored by Costolot's General Store.

My crowlas get depressed really quickly and leave the garden? How can I keep them happy?

See answer.

How do you increase sweets value?

Classic Due to a bug in the game, you can't. View thread