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Making a Pirate Garden

Arrgh! Me favorite garden is me parrybo island!

Early in the game you'll notice a pirate hat in the accessories along with a pirate eye patch. Any pirate pinata is going to need a hideout, and it's going to need to be isolated from the rest of pinata island to scheme up some sneaky plans, so here are some instructions, examples, and tips for putting together your own Pirate Island!

First you'll want to choose which pinatas will make the cut into the pirate crew. Some of the species that might make good pirates (or pirate opponents) are Chippopatamus, Cocoadile, Lackatoad, Custacean, Cinnamonkey, and Parrybo.


Here are a few characters from my pirate garden you can scan to get started:


  • There are many items in Costalot's store that will go well with a pirate garden. The pirate statue is a pretty obvious one, but you may choose to leave it out to keep it from raining all the time. That statue is cursed!
  • One of the parrybo wildcards has a peg leg. This type of pinata seems like a must-have for a pirate garden
  • To put in Pink Princess-Devil o' The 7 Seas or the Box O' Booty Island, you'll need to start by placing these items on dry land; then go ahead and use the shovel with the Y button to clear away all the land beneath them.
  • Other pirate themed items include the Glum Roger, Gallow's Lantern, Fallin' Rocks, and Sword MK2
  • One important design element that some people skip is the use of clever paving and ground cover. For the garden in the movie, the dirt/grass mix present in the garden from the start was kept so that a sand "pathway" could be laid around the island. This allows the island to look like a treasure map from the top view.
  • Another option is to have mainly sand, with an occasional patch of dirt or grass for plants that won't grow in sand.
  • You can make a great pier for your ships by laying down pavers (eg. Shiverme Timbers) and then digging a pond around it afterward.
  • Try sprinkling some gems around that can be obtained from the mine. Pirates like nothing better than emeralds, saphires, rubies, diamonds, and gold lying about their island!