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* [[User:ImaTestWentBad/Pinata_Party_Value_Calculations|Piñata party value calculations]]  
* [[User:ImaTestWentBad/Pinata_Party_Value_Calculations|Piñata party value calculations]]  
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* [[PinataIsland.info:Style_guide|Site-specific Style guidelines]] for specific site style conventions.
== [[Encyclopedia]] ==
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! Pinata
| Pinata descriptions
*Arocknid - This eight-legged Pinata is perfect for any birthday party that takes place on October 31st, but it's not always the most popular Pinata on the block.  There's a reason some folks can't wait to whack it with a stick, and it's not just the candy inside!
*Badgesicle - Does the Badgesicle have a certain part of its anatomy that can only be described as rough?  Let's put it this way: if Badgesicles sat on trees, the branches would be so smooth, birds would slip off.
*Barkbark - The Barkbark is man's best friend.  His qualities are loyalty, cheery disposition, obedience, and every now and then slobbery overfriendlyness.
*Bispotti - This piñata is very neat and tidy.  It likes to buff its shell to a shine and lacquer its spots, and those eyelashes don't just naturally curl like that, you know?  Unfortunately, all this attention on appearance means it often forgets to turn off the iron before it leaves the house in the morning.
*Bonboon - This reformed sour pinata still loves to monkey around the garden.  It's also one of the highest-level pinatas you'll see, so get ready for a sugar rush!
*Bunnycomb - Vets call them Bunnycombs, animal lovers call them bunnies, farmers call them vermin.  Hungry creatures may even call them dinner.
*Buzzenge - Aloof and mean-looking, the Buzzenge will probably be the first bird of prey to visit your garden.
*Buzzlegum - Why do Buzzlegums make honey?  I think it's a bribe so we'll be their friends.  I mean, without the delicious, sweet honey, you're left with nothing more than a fat wasp.  You need full candiosity and a honey hive to get the sticky stuff.
*Camello - Mind those jaws!  And the spit!  And hooves!  You can see why that barbarian fellow ended up socking one of these in the face.  Plainly some folks around here have more affection for the, er, noble desert steed.
*Candary - Not only is the Candary small and yellow, but it can "detect" poison gas in mines.  No doubt this could make a miner's life much more productive. Candaries - not only pretty but practical too.
*Cherrapin - This pinata is perfectly adapted to its life. It has strong flippers to pull over land and through the water.  It has strong jaws for feeding and it has a tough shell for... er.  Well, obviously to protect it from... er birds.  Yes birds flying overhead, carrying... anvils, and er... pianos.
*Chewnicorn - Symbolizing purity, this mythical creature can only be seen by innocent maidens.  It is one of the most beautiful creatures...probably, if I could see it.  The legends also tell us that the Chewnicorn has healing powers.
*Chippopotamus - Chippopotami must have the worst glands in the entire animal kingdom.  I mean, they don't eat a lot, not really, but you never see a slim one.
*Choclodocus - Were there prehistoric pinatas?  I thought pinatas were discovered in China by Marco Polo who then brought them to Europe. The tradition then transferred to South America by Spanish explorers.  All this was a long time after dinosaurs.  It's as if someone wanted be cool without thinking it through properly.
*Chocstrich - Although the Chocstrich is a popular pinata at parties, it might make an even better impression if it didn't spend most of it's time with it's head stuck in the ground!
*Cinnamonkey - Everyone loves Cinnamonkeys with their cheeky faces and mischievous tricks.  The more Cinnamonkeys the better, and the very best thing is to take a barrel and quite literally stuff it with the little tricksters.  Great.
*Cluckles - Right from the beginning, scrambled, boiled or fried, then there's the cute fluffy bit (ahhh), then we dive back into roast, boiled or fried.  How can there be any left?  A Cluckles also knows how to hatch your fragile egg in next to no time.
*Cocoadile - After some soothing, the Cocoadile's lethal snout becomes home to nature's widest grin.
*Crowla - When you see the Crowla, think less "dark, sinister, grave robber" and think more "garbage collecter."  It may stop that shiver tickling your spine.  Introduce it to Dastardos, and give yourself a break.
*Custacean - Where you find a beach, you'll find these little pinatas.  They tend to be a bit grumpy, because those claws are not ideal for evenly spreading sun lotion, and they almost always get sunburned.
*Doenut - This animal is fast and flighty, not the sort of animal that you'd expect to get caught and eaten.  Unfortunately, the horns on its head pick up T.V. signals and transmit them straight to its brain, a lethal distraction.
*Dragonache - The ground shakes as it moves, the trees quiver when it roars, its breath can scorch the earth.  Truly incredible but utterly terrible, and all the more desirable for it.
*Dragumfly - The Dragumfly is a master of flight.  It can hover over or skim the water, which is even more amazing when you consider how large it is.  A little known fact is that its four wings and "Tally Ho!" call inspired 1940s pilots.
*Eaglair - The mightiest of the birds of prey, the Eaglair has earned respect through its natural nobility, tempered strength, and thumping great talons.
*Elephanilla - Elephanillas can never forget.  Imagine remembering all your most embarrassing moments in stomach-turning detail.  This may explain their considered pace of life;  best to think now than have to regret forever!
*Fizzlybear - We all know the story of an unfortunate incident with a girl and some porridge.  Do you know why she really ran away?  Underneath their chunky, furry coats... they were BEARS!
*Flapyak - This piñata is a cousin to the Moozipan. Where the Moozipan enjoys gossip, the Flapyak prefers peace and quiet.  Although the Flapyak may be considered to be more difficult to make resident than the Moozipan, you should find it's just as productive.  Warm up the milking shed!
*Flutterscotch - Like a scrap of paper buffeted by a gentle breeze, this common Flutterscotch flutters around the garden.  It's not particularly pretty, or useful, but I'm sure something wants to eat it!
*Fourheads - Imagine the intellectual power!  Four brains working in unison!  A pity that someone skimped on the limbs, or this creature could have been revolutionary.
*Fudgehog - Fudgehogs and tarmac, eternally pressed together in the kind of passionate embrace that may remind you of the tragic end of Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet.  This is how they will be remembered, not with a bang but with a squelchy whimper.
*Galagoogoo - Did the Galagoogoo sit in thorn bushes once too often?  Even now, scientists are coming to blows to decide if this animal is nocturnal because it has huge eyes or if it grew huge eyes because it couldn't get up in the day.
*Geckie - This little lizard pinata enjoys the bright sunshine and sand between its toes.  Of course no-one would find living in a desert much fun unless they had already caught a bit too much sun... and accidentally roasted their brain.  I'm sorry, did I say that out loud?
*Goobaa - Supermodel of the animal world, the Goobaa is famous for its accommodating nature and dreams of world peace.  Look, even Goobaa wool is almost blonde!  When the candiosity is at the maximum, send your Goobaa to the shearing shed.
*Hoghurt - Beauty experts will tell you that the way to get an amazing complexion is to use mud masks.  This piñata loves mud, but you wouldn't really use it as an example of the benefits of using mud packs.
*Hootyfruity - The Hootyfruity is a bird of prey famous for its wise nature.  How wise is it to fly around at night through trees?  I'm surprised that we don't see more Hootyfruities with black eyes.
*Horstachio - No matter how big and strong the Horstachio grows, it will only ever be one Horstachio power.  Pathetic.
*Jameleon - The master of disguise, able to blend into any environment and, unlike some Syrupents I could mention, it's not obsessed with giant robo-tanks.  Where is it now?  No, seriously-where has it gone?
*Jeli - At the frozen top of Piñata Island, where icy winds scour the snow, lives the elusive Jeli.  It's not the location I'd choose to live in.  Still, you never get stuck buying presents - woolly hat, scarf, mittens even...
*Juicygoose - Juicygeese can be used instead of guard Barkbarks.  This suggests that Juicygeese are belligerent, but in fact they just want to appear useful.  Useful animals don't tend to end up roasted, with gravy... and mashed potatoes, yum!
*Kittyfloss - Saturating with toxins, who knows what this poor Lackatoad is seeing?  It's like a bad dream that you can't wake up from.
*Lackatoad - Saturating with toxins, who knows what this poor Lackatoad is seeing?  It's like a bad dream that you can't wake up from.
*Lemmoning - The Lemmoning has no sense of danger.  For example, if there were a boulder balanced precariously on a stack of cream buns, we would see the danger and avoid the whole thing.  A Lemmoning would feel hungry, grab the nearest bun and tuck in.  Lemmonings can process sweeties by converting one kind into another - you'll need to practice to find out how that works exactly.
*Lickatoad - Do you know who started those stories about Lickatoads turning into princes after kissing pretty girls?  Lickatoads did! Lock them away, then pass me the wart cream please.
*Limeoceros - When Pinata Central was built, they needed a way to transport pinatas around the island.  Limeoceri love to dance an Irish Jig, so the brought in off-road trucks, equipped with Irish folk music and loudspeakers.  As the limeoceros followed the music, they hammered new roads over Pinata Island.  The Limeoceros is still helpful - see what happens when Professor Pester comes a calling.
*Macaraccoon - The Macaraccoon is just naturally sneaky.  You can trust it to behave now, but its twitchy movement doesn't inspire confidence. See it share the love, by supplying you with a romance sweet.
*Mallowolf - After settling down for the responsibilities of family life, the Mallowolf almost becomes a completely different creature.  The Mallowolf's howl is terrifying to a Ruffian.  If you don't believe me, just point your Mallowolf in the right direction.
*Moojoo - The Moojoo has stopped going to parties, because if it stands still for a minute, the other guests start piling their coats on its antlers.  It was funny for a while, but the next day the poor Moojoo wakes up with a very stiff neck.
*Moozipan - Grass goes in, and milk comes out.  Not only that, but those big brown eyes and the way those udders sway from side to side as it walks?  Amazing!  No?  That must be just me then.  Build a milking shed to see just what this lovely Piñata can do.
*Mothdrop - It is hard to see in the dark, so bright colors would be a waste of time.  In the day, the Mothdrop sleeps, so it needs to disguise itself from predators.  That is why it is brown.
*Mousemallow - My crazy grandmother always said: (1) Mousemallows are never bigger than the gap under the pantry door, (2) never fall for the "blind" routine, and (3) never trust a Mousemallow wearing pants!
*Newtgat - Ever wanted a Jameleon but found out they were too expensive?  Your old Lickatoad is looking tired and out-of-date? Get a Newtgat - functions like a Lickatoad but with all that expensive Jameleon styling that you love.
*Parmadillo - The Parmadillo is very well prepared.  It has a hard shell for protection, and it can roll up into an impregnable ball.  No-one knows what this preparation is for, and the Parmadillo seems reluctant to spill the beans.
*Parrybo - If Parrybos get bored, they use their clever mimicry to dial out for pizza.  Parrybos don't even like melted cheese-they just want to see you arguing with the delivery boy for their twisted amusement.
*Peckanmix - Other birds may declare themselves to be the 'most beautiful creature in the world' (yes Swanana, I'm talking about you), but the Peckanmix has the class to really carry it off.  I'm sure this amazing looking piñata will ruffle some feathers.
*Pengum - The diligent, waddling old statesman (or woman, I'm no bigot) of the tundra.  The Pengum is an obvious example of a Piñata drawn in from different climes.  Still looks good in non-resident monochrome too.
*Pieena - Here's a piñata that just can't stop laughing.  You can explain this by saying that it has a very positive outlook on life, but I suspect it's because the Pieena is one sandwich short of a picnic.
*Pigxie - There is something very, very wrong here.  I think this is a lesson in right and wrong for us all.  That nagging voice in your head sometimes gets it right!
*Polollybear - Many years ago, a group of Fizzlybears became fascinated with playing hide and seek.  The games got more and more extreme until the whole group had moved up to the snow covered parts of Pinata Island and turned white.  Now they are almost invisible most of the time.  Technically, they are 'winning' the hide and seek game, but there aren't as many Polollybears as there used to be.
*Ponocky - Clippety, cloppety. Little hooves tapping on the ground, the swish of a well-combed tail, and a gentle snort.  What garden is complete without a Ponocky?
*Pretztail - Well known for being sneaky and crafty, this animal likes to lurk about after the sun goes down.  The Pretztail is a small predator, and you can keep one in your garden without being too much of a pest.
*Profitamole - All that time spent underground has deteriorated the Profitamole's eyes so they can barely see.  This has probably saved the species because, let's face it, Profitamoles don't look too hot.  On top of that, a Profitamole will quite happily eat dirt - imagine a smile from those muddy teeth.
*Pudgeon - All Pudgeons are filled with state-of-the-art GPS tracking systems.  So, like a feathery boomerang, they always come back.  Take them on holiday, load them up with duty-free and avoid hassle with the customs.
*Quackberry - "Jack of all trades, master of none" describes the Quackberry perfectly.  It can walk, fly, and swim, but not particularly well.  It just can't lose that waddle.
*Raisant - Small and red-like little buses, but with legs... and antennae.  Raisants can get angry easily, because they don't understand why other animals want to ruin their schedule.
*Rashberry - Round and wobbly, pink and jolly, a Rashberry is an animal that hasn't realized just how tasty it looks.  When it's scared, it makes a cool squealing noise, which only encourages cruel people.
*Reddhott - Imagine scorching the furniture when you sit on it.  Imagine having to move every few seconds unless the ground underneath you sets alight.  What kind of life is that?  Who is responsible for this?
*Roario - What makes a King of Beasts?  Big hair, a heroic jaw line, physical strength, and occasionally snacking on your subjects.
*Robean - This cheeky little piñata adds a splash of colour to the frozen wastes of Piñata Island.  No matter how cold and bleak, the Robean is always cheery and full of bounce.  How irritating.
*S'morepion - If you have these pinatas in your garden, make sure you check your boots before starting work.  S'morepions love the cosy confines of footwear to nap in, and they will sting you if you threaten to crush them with your feet.  Better still, they like to keep in practice with their stings - and a Ruffian is a good target.
*Salamango - Do you like curry?  Really, really hot ones?  Now imagine that ALL THE TIME.  Goodness knows how this affect bodily functions!
*Sarsgorilla - Here we go again, another video game with a big ape in it.  Can someone explain to me why the guy who write games are so fascinated with really big apes?
*Shellybean - Now I'm all for security, but surely the Shellybean goes a step too far.  It has a shell house on its back, and it needs another house to sleep in at night.  Just imagine them all inside, not talking to each other, curled up in their individual shells.  In the day, you can get the Shellybean to help out by eating weed seeds.
*Sherbat - When piñatas were just evolving, what would become the Sherbat was developing a taste for extreme sports.  For a time, it looked like street-pizza extinction. Then one morning, that strange creature with the sagging armpits became a Sherbat legend!  It can bust some moves, too.  I hear Dastardos appreciates a bit of Sherbat dancing.
*Smelba - Smelbas have many endearing qualities... that most people ignore because they are fixated on the smells that come from this misunderstood little pinata.  That said, if you want to send a Ruffian packing, fire this stink-bomb in the right direction.
*Sparrowmint - If someone told you they never seen a Sparrowmint, they must have never opened their eyes or been green with a ray gun.  Now if there was an only good use for them.
*Squazzil - No matter what has happened -- disaster, illness, family tragedy -- Squazzils are always bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. It can get really annoying.
*Swanana - Sophisticated, refined, almost regal, you may think the Swanana is a fine-looking bird, but you'd be wrong.  The Swanana prefers the term "gorgeous!"
*Sweetle - Ancient Egyptians worshipped the God Khepri, who was associated with the beetle.  On Pinata Island, the Sweetle is just another bug, so don't let it convince you to lend it money.  Despite what it says, it does not have worshippers who will pay you back next Thursday.
*Sweetooth - Sweetooths like playing table tennis.  They are surprisingly skillful with their broad paddle-like tails which they use to return almost any shot you can fire at them.  Their lightning fast reactions make the Sweetooth a formidable foe at the tennis table!
*Syrupent - The only thing the Syrupent has in common with the less reputable members of its family is its shape.  'What kind of snake is that' you may say?  The best kind.
*Taffly - It's not just the buzzing that's annoying.  They can fly and stick to walls, which are cool abilities.  But, how do they use them?  By standing on the worst kinds of stuff and then standing on stuff you're eating!  Grrrr.  Turn its bad habits to your advantage by feeding it fruit.
*Tartridge - This little pinata seems calm and sensible, but in a party situation it loses its head!  After the events of the Pinata Flying Club Christmas party, the Tartridge lost its pilots license. Grounded, and all because of that trick with the egg whisk and a bar of soap.  Still, at least the feathers seem to have grown back...
*Tigermisu - This Pinata is so chilled it never even changes out of these stripy pajamas.  Just because it looks like an oversized tabby cat doesn't mean you can forget about treating it with respect. I've heard stories about hunters armed with nothing more than a bowl of warm milk and a bow on a string.  All they ever find is the hunters' hats lightly sprinkled with salt and pepper.
*Twingersnap - When it comes to improving something, it's obvious that two is twice as good as one. This is the next step in Syrupent evolution.  But they aren't just two heads - the left head is touch sensitive too!
*Vulchurro - Vulchurros tend to have a bad name, but if you think about it, they are planet savers.  They are a totally organic, completely natural, self-contained, recycling plant.  You don't even need to take the 'trash' out, they will come to you.
*Walrusk - It's a little known fact that the Walrusk is Piñata Island's response to 60's flower power.  All the hippies grew their hair long and the Walrusk wanted to join in.  However, the Walrusk is not particularly hairy, so it had to grow its teeth instead. I wonder why they didn't continue to follow fashion - would have been nice to see the Walrusk version of the Afro in the 70's.
*Whirlm - Every garden has to start somewhere, and it's harder to keep Whirlms out than it is to keep them in.  Ancient wisdom says, "Whirlms are the foundation of any successful garden."  Please don't mistake them for stomach parasites.
*Zumbug - Exotic, elegant, and with a striking appearance, the Zumbug is so much more than a stripy Horstachio.  It's also one of the favorite snacks of jungle predators!
| Eggs (not in game ency)
*Arocknid egg - There are some people who take one look at this egg and get the creeps.
*Badgesicle egg - What can I tell you?  It’s an egg, which means it looks like a pointy ball and there’s a baby piñata inside.
*Barkbark egg - There’s something about this egg that reassures you about the pinata inside.  It’s a faithful looking egg, and the piñata will probably turn into your best friend.
*Bispotti egg - A delicate egg for a delicate piñata.  Treat with care, and something sweet might fly out.
*Bonboon egg - The question is, which came first - the pinata or the egg?  I find that people don’t care too much.
*Bunnycomb egg - This egg contains a small creature.  As the egg hops around, the critter inside is learning how to move in a similar way.
*Buzzenge egg - The fancy feathered patterns suggest a type of bird.  The size of the egg suggests that it isn’t a small bird either.
*Buzzlegum egg - Shhh. No, shhhh!  If you put your ear close to this egg, you might hear it gently buzzing.
*Camello egg - A small egg with a dry and dusty texture!  I’d have the hump if I was stuck inside that!
*Candary egg - This is a special egg.  You have either worked hard to see this or someone was very generous.
*Cherrapin egg - Aww!  What a sweet little egg.  Something small and slow is about to creep out of it!
*Chewnicorn egg - What a fantastic egg!  It must contain some kind of mythical piñata.
*Chippopotamus egg - If you were very hungry and you really wanted an egg for tea, this would be the one to choose.
*Chocstrich egg -
*Cinnamonkey egg -
*Cluckles egg -
*Cocoadile egg -
*Crowla egg -
*Custacean egg -
*Doenut egg -
*Dragumfly egg -
*Eaglair egg - This egg is quite large but surprisingly light, as if the pinata inside could fly.
*Elephanilla egg -
*Fizzlybear egg -
*Flapyak egg -
*Flutterscotch egg -
*Fourheads egg -
*Fudgehog egg -
*Galagoogoo egg -
*Geckie egg -
*Goobaa egg - Just look at this egg.  You can tell, just by looking at it, that the pinata inside is wrapped up warm.
*Hoghurt egg -
*Hootyfruity egg -
*Horstachio egg -
*Jameleon egg -
*Jeli egg -
*Juicygoose egg -
*Kittyfloss egg - Here's an egg that is small but purrfectly formed.
*Lackatoad egg -
*Lemmoning egg -
*Lickatoad egg -
*Limeoceros egg -
*Macaraccoon egg - Here is an egg that is brown on the top as if it is trying to camouflage itself.  The bottom is dark like the color of the night sky.  The clues lead to an animal that likes to sneak around.
*Mallowolf egg -
*Moojoo egg -
*Moozipan  egg -
*Mothdrop egg -
*Mousemallow egg -
*Newtgat egg -
*Parmadillo egg -
*Parrybo egg -
*Peckanmix egg -
*Pengum egg -
*Pieena egg -
*Pigxie egg -
*Polollybear egg -
*Ponocky egg -
*Pretztail egg -
*Profitamole egg -
*Pudgeon egg -
*Quackberry egg -
*Raisant egg -
*Rashberry egg -
*Reddhott egg -
*Red Flutterscotch egg - The pattern is familiar even if the color isn’t.  Even if you can’t guess what is inside, you won’t have to wait long to find out.
*Roario egg -
*Robean egg -
*S'morepion egg -
*Salamango egg -
*Sarsgorilla egg -
*Shellybean egg -
*Sherbat egg - The paper on this egg has a leathery texture.  It also prefers to be kept in the dark.
*Smelba egg -
*Sparrowmint egg -
*Squazzil egg -
*Swanana egg -
*Sweetle egg -
*Sweetooth egg - Listen carefully and you might hear a gnawing sound coming from inside this egg.
*Syrupent egg -
*Taffly egg -
*Tartridge egg -
*Tigermisu egg -
*Twingersnap egg -
*Vulchurro egg -
*Walrusk egg -
*Whirlm egg -
*Zumbug egg -
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! Garden surfaces
| Deep water - Lovely clean blue water loved by any piñata that likes to swim.
| Grass - Thick, green juicy grass.  Comfortable to lie on, sweet to taste.
| Long grass - Tall and wild.  Some piñatas prefer long grass as it helps hide them from predators.
| Mud - Around every pond the soil gets very wet and a ring of mud is formed.
| Sand - Sand can be sharp as a knife when the wind is blowing, or as soft as a rug warmed by the waves of the tropical Piñata ocean.
| Shallow water - Crystal clear and not very deep.  No, the water-not my personality.
| Snow - Cold fluffy white snow, made of millions of tiny, unique flakes.
| Soil - Rich dark soil.  Ideal for growing seeds or grass.
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! Characters
| Family members
*Dastardos - When things go badly for a pinata, they get sick.  Dastardos has invented a cheerful song to help him through the day and make pinatas feel calm while he "fixes" them...
*Leafos - Leafos would like to help you become a great gardener.  She has lots of advice so don't be afraid to ask her.
*Seedos - Seedos loves seeds.  He doesn't just like them, he can't stand to be away from them.  He polishes and looks after them he sings to them at night and he's collected lots of different types.  He won't let just anyone have his seeds so he might need some "persuasion".
*Storkos - When an egg needs delivering, the call goes out.  Who can move a delicate little egg across the island and deliver it in perfect condition to the precise location where the parents wait?  Who else?  The intrepid STORKOS!
| Service providers
*Arfur - Arfur has spend many hours studying milk.  He knows every single variety.  Arfur can take one look at you and pour you just the right kind of milk without you ever having to say a word.
*Bart - Bart has spent a long time finding out what things are made of and how you put them together.  He loves making new things, and he's willing to sell his services.  Just point him in the right direction, and watch him work (it's like magic).
*Doc Patchingo - Freshly qualified in all the latest techniques for repairing Pinatas, Doc Patchingo has come to Pinata Island to set up his new practice.  He's a bit nervous, which isn't very comforting for his patients, but he hasn't lost one yet (at least not if he arrives on time).  If a pinata is attacked, loses a fight or eats something poisonous, then call the Doc as fast as possible.
*Fanny Franker - Frannie likes to keep the post office running smoothly and at the peck of efficiency.  She is very dependable, ensuring all your crates arrive in tip-top condition.
*Gretchen Fetchem - Gretchen loves the wilds of Pinata Island, and she also loves fashion.  She has managed to combine the two to become the island's most glamorous hunter.  If you want it she will fetch it, in style. 
*Langston - Langston is a master pinata wrangler for Pinata Central.  He'll set the challenges and then sell you the traps you need to capture pinata from far-flung parts of Pinata Island.
*Lottie - There are few things tha Lottie loves more than chocolate coins. She is very eager to trade and you can always trust her to try and make a profit whenever she deals with you.
*Miss Petula - Like, the absolute greatest thing is the totally amazing accessories in the shop.  Miss Petula has, like, the best taste in pinata fashions, and you should listen to her advice if you want your pinatas to look completely awesome.
*Willy Builder - Pinatas like to feel safe, especially at night when they need to sleep.  They also like a little privacy where they can romance.  Willy can fill both needs with one building, a home especially built for each and every type of pinata.  Just pay him, and show him exactly where you want it.
| Helpers
*Diggerling - It takes a brave person to go down, under the ground where it's dark and spooky to look for treasure.  Fortunately Diggerlings have all the odds worked out and all the angles covered,  They think so hard about the chances of finding the motherload that they don't get time to be scared of the dark.
*Gatherling -
*Night Watchling -
*Sprinking -
*Watchling -
*Weedling -
| Ruffian boss
*Professor Pester -
| Ruffian minions
*Ruffian1(one-horned) -
*Ruffian2(pigtail girl) -
*Ruffian3(tri-horned) -
*Ruffian4(mohawk hair) -
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! Plants
| Flowers
*Bird of Paradise - This plant has an elaborate flower that brings a taste of the jungle to your garden.
*Bluebell - Bluebells, they're blue and shaped like a bell.  They don't ring, but apart from that their name is pretty accurate.
*Buttercup - Do you like butter?  Grow this little yellow flower and then put your chin over it.  If your chin is yellow, you like butter. If your chin is another color, you should probably visit a doctor.
*Cactus - A cactus stores up all the "good stuff" in the desert and then has to grow some wicked spines to prevent anything else from stealing its resources.  Life is very harsh out there in the sand.
*Daisy - A humble little daisy is easy to grow, but it still looks pretty.  It's surprisingly popular for such a common flower.
*Orchid - Orchids are the most exclusive, most difficult to grow, and the most beautiful flower on Pinata Island.  Good luck finding the seeds, let alone growing one to full size!
*Poppy - This little flower adds a splash of red to the garden.  Poppy down to the shop, and buy some seeds today.
*Rose - Soft, ruby petals and a delightful scent - the rose is the most romantic of all the flowers.
*Snapdragon - Snapdragons are unusual flowers.  They don't look much like Dragons: they aren't even green and scaly.
*Snowdrop - This delicate, pale little flower grows in cold environments.  It grows quickly, so it can reach full size in between the regular Piñarctic, plant-destroying blizzards.
*Sunflower - The sunflower grows very tall, almost up to the sun (but not really), and its flower looks like the sun (a bit), so this might be why it's called a sunflower.
*Tiger lily - This plant tries to protect its flower by making it look like a huge, snarling, ferocious pinata.  No, I completely agree, it doesn’t really succeed.
*Tulip - Many years ago, a man was washed up on the shore of Piñata Island.  He was pulled from the sea by a family of hamsters. When he recovered, he could only remember his name (Dan) and in his pockets he had some seeds.  The seeds grew into tulips, and the story was passed down.  Now almost everyone knows about the tulips from Hamster Dan.
| Water flower
*Bullrush - The bullrush is a tall reed that grows an unusual fuzzy brown thing at the end of its stem.
*Water Lily - The water lily is not only pretty, but its large flat leaves are the perfect platform for the smaller water creatures.
*Watercress - Watercress has a lovely peppery taste when added to your salad.  Maybe some pinatas like watercress salad too, even without croutons.
| Trees
*Apple Tree - Lots of creatures like to eat apples, and this is the most efficient way to get them fresh.  This tree may be small, easy to grow and cheap to get hold of, but it is worth its weight in apples!
*Banana Tree - This tropical tree is loaded with delicious yellow bananas.  You know which piñatas love bananas, right? Well, you better grow this tree if you want to see them.
*Fir Tree - Tall and elegant, the fir tree can withstand arctic conditions.  The cones it produces are equally tough, so only desperate animals or those with the sharpest teeth can eat them.
*Gem Tree - This tree is unique to Pinata Island, and instead of fruit it grows minerals-more specifically gems.  If you ever wanted a tree that grows money, then this is the closest you can get!
*Hazel Tree - If you want nuts, you should grow this little tree. It'll give you nuts and the some.  When you have nuts, the Piñatas that like nuts will appear - they may even stay, just because you have nuts.  Crazy!
*Monkeynut Tree - Just look at the branches on this strange little tree.  They look like the bars of a climbing frame, and growing on the end of each branch are the tasty little nuts that drive some piñatas wild.
*Oak Tree - The most impressive, mighty and enormous tree you will ever see in your garden.  Be warned that you need patience, care and lots of water before you will ever see the oak at its full potential.
*Orange Tree - This is a nice little tree famous for its delicious, juicy fruit.  I'd suggest that you don't mix this tree and Quackberries in your garden, as they tend to get the wrong idea.  I don't even like Quackberry a la'orange much.  Well, I like it less than steak and kidney pie... that Moozipan didn't hear that, did it?
*Palm Tree - This tree makes any garden a tropical paradise. Although called a palm tree, it doesn't grow palms, so don't go waiting for the palm harvest.  For safety reason, you should wear a hard hat when under the branches.
| Seeds
*How to:  Seeds - When you have a seed in your cursor, you can move it around the garden,  If the seed is held over a surface where it cannot be planted, it will turn a shade of red.  You can still drop it down in these areas by using {{Button|b}}.  You can pick it up again by using {{Button|a}}.  When you find a nice spot, then press {{Button|a}} to plant the seed.  Easy!
*Apple seed - Compared to the size of the plant that grows, this seed is nothing more than a tiny pip.
*Banana seed - This exotic yellow seed is sure to grow something a-peeling.
*Bird of Paradise seed - That is a very bright shade of orange.  There are a couple of things that spring to mind when I look at this color, but I’m sure they aren’t grown from this seed.
*Blackberry seed - This seed looks like a jewel.  The real clue is the juicy color of it.
*Bluebell seed - Does this blue seed ring any bells?  It’s quite distinctive, which could make it a target for hungry piñatas
*Blueberry seed - Would you look at that!  This purple-and-blue circular seed is bound to kick up something exciting for your garden!
*Bullrush seed - When the plant starts to grow from this seed, it’s hard to know when it will stop.  This is a very tall plant seed.
*Buttercup seed - This seed looks similar to the plant that grows from it.
*Cactus  seed - Look at this seed, like a tiny pyramid.  Oh that’s a really great clue to where this should be planted.
*Carrot seed - If you turned this seed upside-down, it would give you a good clue as to what will grow from it.
*Chili seed - There’s a set of three glowing spots on this seed, as if the middle of the seed is red hot.
*Corn seed - A square-ish, yellow seed.  Surely you don’t need any more hints as to what will grow when you plant this?
*Daisy seed - The white stripe on the side there is probably the best hint at the color of what will grow from this plant.
*Dandelion seed - Red and black with an angry-looking pattern...  Uh no I’m guessing that this is not going to be good!
*Fir seed - It’s a seed with a wing.  Oh I know, it’ll grow into an airplane tree!  What?  There’s no such thing?  Oh that’s a little bit disappointing.
*Fireweed seed - A red seed can mean several things, including red for danger or red hot.  This little seed has both in equal measure.
*Garlic seed - The the first time I bought on of these seeds.  I was ripped off.  It was sold to me as Do-It-Yourself Creature of the night defense kit!  That’s a big claim for one little seed.
*Gem seed - This little seed may appear to be rough, but it grows into something a cut above other plants.
*Gooseberry seed - If all the seeds were put into pairs, this would be the one left on its own.
*Hazelnut seed - The shape of this reminds me of the home of a certain pinata.  The interesting thing is that same pinata loves the things that grow from this plant.  Have I confused you enough yet?
*Hemlock seed - Wow!  This is one sharp-looking seed!  Nothing good is going to come out of that red-and-green surprise!
*Holly bush seed - As sharp and pointy as its tree counterpart!  Please be careful when handling this seed!
*Monkeynut seed - Have you noticed how much this seed looks like a coconut?  That isn’t what grows from it, but it’s not a million miles away...
*Nightshade seed - This mysterious seed grows something that’s not obviously useful.  The challenge is discovering why you need this plant.
*Oak seed - This is quite possibly the ultimate test of your gardening skills.  When you manage to grow this plant, your should feel content that there isn’t anything on Piñata Island that you cannot grow.
*Orange tree seed - This orange-colored seed is bound to produce an or…  oops!  Almost spoiled the surprise!
*Orchid seed - Here’s a seed that you don’t come across everyday.  I have a feeling that when you plant this, you’re going to have to work hard to see the plant that grows from it.
*Palm seed - A tropical seed with a tropical tree just waiting to burst out!
*Pea seed - A little green treat for your garden!  Let's plant it, and see what comes out!
*Poison ivy seed - There seems to be a pattern here, red and black means trouble, and this seed is no exception.
*Poppy seed - Such a bright red seed shows up clearly against the grass.  You'd expect something red to grow from this, wouldn't you?
*Prickly pear seed - Another red seed.  Be careful not to confuse this with the others.
*Pumpkin seed - Another orange seed, only rounder.  What might that describe, apart from this seed?
*Radish seed - This little seed is very cold to the touch.  I imagine that inside this seed it is quite ward, so that even in the most frozen ground this seed will sprout and grow.
*Rose seed - What a pretty seed!  This red beauty is bound to grow a romantic elegant flower for your fantastic garden.
*Snapdragon seed - The sharp corners on this seed are very distinctive.  I'd say that it looks really snappy!
*Snowdrop seed - Here's a pretty little seed.  It has a chilly feel to it, because of those white-and-blue patterns.
*Sunflower seed - Here's a really bright, shiny seed.  I think you should be able to guess what will grow when you plant this.
*Thistle seed - A red and black seed with spikes?  I suggest you learn what grows out of this seed, really quickly.
*Tiger lily seed - Just by looking at this seed, I can tell that the plant that grows from it will be grrrrreat!
*Toadstool seed - This seed is an unusual shape.  The plant that grows out of this seed is probably not very ordinary.
*Tulip seed - This seed is unusually dark, as if it doesn't need bright colors.  The plant inside must grow in shady conditions.
*Turnip seed - This purple and cream seed looks like vegetable royalty.
*Venus piñata seed - You might think this is a bit strange, but those black spots on this seed almost look like eyes.  Brrrr, gives me the creeps.
*Water lily seed - In my experience, I've noticed that some seeds need to be planted in quite specific areas.  I think this is one of those seeds.
*Watercress seed - There is a slightly waxy feel to this seed, as if it needs to resist very damp conditions. 
*Yam seed - This little seed has a tasty look to it.  I'd go so far as to say it looks yammy!
| Vegetables
*Carrot-Carrots are the ginger vegetable.  This doesn't put Pinatas off, and you'll have to look out for them, or they'll all be eaten.
*Chili - Chilies share their color with fire engines.  The engine is famous for stopping fires, while the chili will start one in the mouth of anything that is brave or foolish enough to eat it.
*Corn - Corn has wholesome yellow grains that some piñatas find irresistible.  Who doesn't like lovely, sweet, sun-ripened corn?
*Garlic - Garlic is supposed to be good for your heart.  When you eat it, it makes you smell bad. If you smell bad, it's hard to get a partner for the romance dance.  If you don't romance dance, your heart will never race, and so it will never get strained.
*Pea - Little green pods bursting with sweet peas inside.  Delicious on their own or mashed up and made into a soup.
*Pumpkin - A fully grown pumpkin can reach a mammoth size, but this is a carefully protected master gardeners' secret.  You'll know you have mastered vegetable growing when you can grow a humongous pumpkin.
*Radish - This little vegetable is very hardy.  It is great for pinatas living in the cold, because it has a warming, peppery taste.
*Turnip - The last time I saw something this swollen and purple, I'd slammed the door on my thumb.
*Yam - The yam grows in sandy soil. Without this vegetable, many desert piñatas would not survive the hostile environment.  I'd recommend it baked than mashed with butter.
| Weeds
*Dandelion - The dandelion was probably named such because its yellow flower looks like a Roario's mane.  Who knew that it would have something else in common with the King of the beasts?
*Fireweed - This plant didn't adept to life in the Piñarctic regions.  Instead, it choose to melt the snow and ice and burn a little place for itself.  Old habits die hard, and this weed continues to scorch itself a spot, no matter how warm it is.
*Hemlock - Slender stems and pretty white flowers can't disguise this weed.  Be warned, this could seriously affect the health of your pinatas.
*Poison ivy - Poison ivy is a good name - it tells you that this plant is a bit like ivy but more importantly it's poisonous! Don't let your Piñatas taste it, and keep it away from your other plants, or it will make a space for itself.  Nasty, nasty nasty.
*Prickly pear - This is a nasty little plant.  Not only does it have horrid spines, but it will confuse any piñata that eats it.
*Thistle - The Thistle grows quickly and will spread to any 'spare' patch of earth. Not only will it soon fill the garden, it's covered with prickles that can make any pinata's life a misery.  I'd suggest that you get rid of them all.
*Toadstool - I have never once seen a Lickatoad sit on one of these unpleasant little plants.  Sensible piñata are advised to stay clear of the toadstool all together.  The toadstool is almost irresistible to piñatas -- its bright colors mimic candy, and piñatas tend to be more hungry than clever.
*Venus piñata trap - This plant seems to have taken a stand for plants.  It's fed up with the 'plant grows -- animal eats plant' order of things and has decided to dish out some spiny plant revenge.  Keep it away from your piñatas or else they will not leave it alone!
| Bushes
*Blackberry bush - Little blackberries can be sweet and juicy, and there are many piñatas who will want to visit you when you have them in the garden. Growing a whole bush will keep them coming back for more.
*Blueberry bush - There aren't many blue foods. In fact, most blue things are not very appetizing.  However, blueberries are different - they grow on this little bush and will no doubt help you to attract new varieties of Pinatas.
*Gooseberry bush - I don't know if you've ever looked at a gooseberry, but it's green and a little furry. Why is it called a gooseberry? I really don't know - perhaps it's something you could find out?
*Holly bush - Amidst the dark green, waxy leaves grow some very tasty little red berries.  Ideal for the smaller Pinatas that live in colder parts of the island.
*Nightshade bush - This little bush is dark and mysterious.  It's recommended that you keep well away from its berries, because they are poisonous. If you know what you are doing, the nightshade bush can make a pretty addition to your garden.
| Fruits
*Acorn -
*Apple -
*Banana -
*Blackberry -
*Blue gem -
*Coconut -
*Fir cone -
*Gooseberry -
*Hazelnut -
*Green gem -
*Holly berry -
*Monkeynut -
*Nightshade berry -
*Orange -
*Red gem -
*Purple gem -
*Yellow gem -
{| class="wikitable collapsible collapsed"
! Garden constructions
| Decorations
*How To:  Bouncer board - If you become a master romancer for a piñata species, you might not want anymore for a while.  Put your cursor on the bouncer board, and press {{Button|a}} to use it.  The board will show all the piñatas  that you have master romanced.  Now you can move the cursor over the piñata with {{Button|ls}} and ban them using {{Button|a}}.  This will stop them from coming into the garden.  To clear a ban, put the cursor on the banned piñata, and press {{Button|a}} again-the ban will be lifted.  When you have finished, return to the garden by pressing {{Button|b}}.
*Showbiz - 
*Barrel -
*Battle ready armor -
*Bendy track -
*Bird and Bear statue -
*Birdbath -
*Birdproof fence -
*Birdproof gate -
*Block paving -
*Bolt -
*Bonboon block -
*Bouncer board -
*Box’O’Booty island -
*Captains cutless -
*Catwalk footlights -
*Ceramic paving -
*Chew chew train -
*Cobblestones -
*Cocoadile block -
*Conveyer -
*Crazy paving -
*Crowla block -
*Danger lights -
*Dastardos scarer -
*Decoy pinata -
*Deep space detector array -
*Disco Paving (blue, green, purple, red, white, yellow) -
*Disco speakers -
*Fallin’ rocks -
*Fashion SLR -
*Fir tree log -
*Firebrand -
*Fish fountain -
*Flagstones of fear -
*Flower carving -
*Furraree -
*Gallows lantern -
*Glow rocks -
*Glum roger -
*Golden paving -
*Golf flag -
*Gong -
*Hay bale -
*Hedge -
*Hollow log -
*Iron gate -
*Iron railings -
*Jade statue -
*Jake ’o’ lighting -
*Jar ’o’ light -
*Junction track -
*Kettle drum -
*Lantern o’ loot -
*Lemmoning block -
*Limeoceros block -
*Lipstick -
*Macaraccoon block -
*Mallowolf block -
*Milk churn -
*Mine cart -
*Mirror -
*Moon-on-a-stick -
*Mummy’s turntable -
*Music stand -
*Oak gate -
*Oil lamp -
*Oriental gateway -
*Ornamental stones -
*Paper lantern -
*Paper screen -
*Piano -
*Pile of leaves -
*Pink Princess-devil o’ the 7 seas -
*Pipework -
*Pirate statue -
*Poised pengum -
*Polished catwalk -
*Pressed steel -
*Profitamole block -
*Red carpet -
*Red eye rainbow -
*Relic tiles -
*Riveted panels -
*Ruins of the lost city of Gunbolia -
*S’morepion block -
*Saucer of peril -
*Scary burning torch -
*Scissors -
*Shellybean block -
*Sherbat block -
*Shivverme timbers -
*Shoe statue -
*Slab paving -
*Smelba Block -
*Spanner -
*Spectral locomotive -
*Stage light -
*Station -
*Statue of the Great Gobstobbler -
*Stone paving -
*Stone score -
*Stone wall -
*Stop sign -
*Stove -
*Straight track -
*Sundial -
*Surfboard -
*Swan fountain -
*Sword Mk2 -
*T-Junction track -
*The Intrepid Voyager -
*The Resting Dead -
*The Restless Dead -
*The Road Hog -
*The Silver Dart -
*The Wealthy Dead -
*Tombstone -
*Toxic drum -
*Trumpet -
*Turntable track -
*Urny’s milk float -
*Vase -
*Vent -
*Water wavier -
*Whirlmspritzer jukebox -
*Wild Cat fulldozer -
*Wind chime Mk1 -
*Wind chime Mk2 -
*Wire fence -
*Wishing well -
*Woo Two train -
*Woo Woo train -
*Wooden fence -
*Wooden gate -
*Wooden picket fence -
| Garden junk
*Broken statue - At one time, this was an impressive looking statue.  Now it's just junk. 
*Building remains - They don't build them to last these days.  Look at the state of this...  And it can't be any more than 10 years old.
*Junk coop - This strange pointy building has seen better days.  Break it up now, and you can build something like it again in the future, maybe.
*Junk drum - At first glance, this little drum looks fine, but it's broken beyond repair.  The skin is soaked through, and the shell has warped.  Break it with your shovel, so it will make one last noise.
*Junk pan - This is what happens when you are careless with kitchen utensils.  This was probably a very good frying pan, once upon a time.  Now that it's been left outside, it's just rubbish.
*Junk skip - Once this was filled with rubbish, now it has become rubbish.  Get rid of this skip with a couple whacks from your shovel.
*Old fence - It's broken beyond repair, and the best advice I can give you is to smash it.
*Rock - It's a lump of rock.  Break it and your garden will improve.
*Tree stump - Someone must have cut down a tree but never pulled out the stump.  Poor work!
*Wheel - I don't think it will ever be useful again - just break it with your shovel.
| Other buildings
*Garden store - This unimpressive building is the ultimate storage solution.  You can pick up items and drop them in here, or you can select the store and then mark items up for storage.  Once inside, the fruit and produce will stay fresh far a s long as it’s in there.  How does it work?  Well, technically, it has more in common with a time machine than a freezer...
*Honey hive - Although the Buzzlegums live in a hive, they will only make honey in this building.  It ingeniously makes the Buzzlegums relaxed and calm, distracting the from the painful process of honey extraction.
*Milking shed - By gently squeezing a Moozipan, you can get milk.  I’m not entirely sure what goes on in this building, but milk does come out, and Moozipans emerge a little bit thinner.
*Mine - Mining is  a serious business.  Who knows what treasures and dangers are buried deep below the surface of Pinata Island.  This building may not look much, but it can contain molten lava pushing towards the surface at incredible pressure...  y’know if there’s an accident.
*Shearing shed - If you want to make your Goobaas more comfortable, then you can remove that thick, woolly, fleece.  This little building automates the whole process.  I don’t know what you’ll do with all that wool though...
| Pinata houses
*Arocknid house - This water tank is newer than it looks. Since the Arocknids use it as a home, it always seems to be draped with webs.
*Badgesicle house - The part of this house that you can see is really just the entrance hall. Below the surface is a subterranean home equipped with all the modern conveniences that a demanding Badgesicle could want.
*Barkbark house - Rock and roll will never die as long as someone wants to live in a home with neon signs and chrome plating.
*Bispotti house - Bispottis love this house, because it's insulated and secluded. Bispottis love to light cozy fires during the long cold winter, but they must be very careful not to let their house alight! Still, accidents do happen, which means they have to rush for the water bucket, quick!
*Bonboon house - What is the favorite room in your house? Some people love their kitchen or the lounge. The Bonboon loves this particular room. I don't know why, there's no accounting for taste.
*Bunnycomb house - This hutch is on legs to allow ample parking for vehicles below. In the winter, the entrance ramp doubles as a crazy slide, so your Bunnycombs start their day in the right mood.
*Buzzenge house - This is a very strange house, part tree stump part guitar. The rumors say that the guitar maker had to leave the island very quickly. When a neighbor went to check that his house was alright, they found a family of Buzzenges in an unfinished guitar. Now it's the only place any Buzzenge will live.
*Buzzlegum house - Everyone knows that Buzzlegums need a hive to live in. Buzzlegums are very sociable, which is a good job when your home is so... um... compact.
*Camello house - The desert is very dusty, and it's hard to keep things clean. The Camello built its home like a lamp, and this resulted in passers by rubbing (and cleaning) its home for free.
*Candary house - Hand carved from a single fir tree trunk, then hand painted by skilled craftsmen. This is the ultimate way to tell your Candary that you care.
*Cherrapin house - This hero's hideout is a warm, smelly safe-house for brave little Cherrapins. They all huddle together after a hard day of sunbathing and take night shifts peeking out of the grilled entrance to ensure they are all safe.
*Chewnicorn house - Many people don’t believe that Chewnicorns exist, and this home doesn’t help.  It looks as if one good gust of wind could blow it away.
*Chippopotamus house - To  stop the mud from drying out, this clever little home has a network of mud-colored tubes built into the walls.  The tubes constantly push water over the surface to give that gloopy look.
*Chocstrich house - The loose wooden panels allow the breeze to cool the shady interior of this house.  However, when the sandstorm blows through the poor Chocstrich spends all day sweeping sand out of the front door.
*Cinnamonkey house - When you look at a Cinnamonkey, it’s hard to believe that they are short of energy, but they really do have it difficulty getting up in the morning.  This home is designed to help put a spring in their step and bounce them out of bed when they need to get up.
*Cluckles house - Cluckles can’t really fly, so to compensate, their house is incredibly tall.  When they are inside, at the top, they can peek out through the boards to give them the feeling of flying.
*Cocoadile house - It’s not surprising that the Cocoadile house looks a little bit rushed.  Even the builder doesn’t like to work too closely to this piñata.
*Crowla house - There’s a certain dramatic air that surrounds the Crowla’s home.  When I look at it for a while I get the shivers down my spine, as if I were grabbed... By some ghoulies.  Brrrr!
*Custacean house - This little holiday home make an almost perfect environment for Custaceans.  Golden san, slippery seaweed and shiny shells, if only they didn’t get sand in their cooking!
*Doenut house - Would you want to live in a dance club?  It’s not for everyone, but the Doenut likes it.
*Dragumfly house - It doesn’t seem very practical to have a home build of steel when you live close to the water.  It will rust,  it will sink into the mud and at some point, the guy who owns the armor might come back. 
*Eaglair house - Look at this home, saloon doors and perched right up on top of a rock.  Only the Eaglair can fly up there and open both doors with its huge wings.
*Elephanilla house - This house matches the pinata that lives here:  huge and grand.  Fortunately, the house is much stronger than it looks, so the Elephanilla can’t damage it very easily, even during cheerleading practice.
*Fizzlybear house - Like, this house is totally awesome, man  It’s got serious hanging space dude, which makes it , like, totally cool for Fizzlybears.
*Flapyak house - For a school project, an industrious Flapyak  built a full-scale submarine.  The teachers were impressed until the Flapyak offered to show them around inside.  Poor Mrs. Parker was horribly claustrophobic, and as the tour neared the torpedo tubes, she screamed and burst through the hull.  That lowered the mark to a B minus, but at least the Flapyaks had a new home.
*Flutterscotch house - This home is perfect for Flutterscotches to live in - it has plenty of sunshine and some plastic flowers, which almost look as good as the real thing.
*Fourheads house - This home calls to mind the ancient Greek myth of heroes and monsters,  No doubt Fourheads would like to think that it is a relation to the Hydra.
*Fudgehog house - The Fudgehog home may look like a big pile of leaves, but its actually just coated with a layer of plastic leaves.  Fudgehogs do like living in leaves, but it isn’t practical, so underneath there is a study concrete mound that won’t disintegrate when a Fudgehog sneezes.
*Galagoogoo house - This scruffy little home is much more than it appears.  Just watch a Galagoogoo going home for a hint at what may lie beneath the sand.
*Geckie house - Not many pinata live in the harsh climate of the desert.  The little Geckie is one that does, and that makes it ideal prey for some of the bigger desert pinatas.  To make itself less appetizing, it appears to live in a little boy's tonsils.  Most pinatas prefer to eat stuff that hasn't been in someone else's mouth.
*Goobaa house - At the end of their usual hectic day, Goobaas like to return to a nice cozy home like this one, to sleep off all of their stress.
*Hoghurt house - This dripping tower of candy and treats is simply heaven for the Hoghurt.  The sticky mess provides not only warm shelter but an everlasting pile of food for it to dig its papery nose and tusks into!
*Hootyfruity house - The Hootyfruity’s house contains books and books of information on Piñata Island all created by the wise Hootyfruity itself.  It’s rumored that once a year, the Hootyfruity will ring his bell to gather all the piñatas of the garden around and tell tales of the adventures it had obtaining precious information that goes into those very books!
*Horstachio house - A Horstachio’s home is his castle or in this case a covered wagon.  The wheels aren’t attached on purpose, because the Horstachio used to get up and pull its house along until it remembered it was a home.  Old habit die hard.
*Jameleon house - The camouflage on this house make the Jameleon feel safe.  It’s a matter of privacy for the Jameleon.  He would prefer to keep himself to himself, but in your garden that’s up to you.
*Jeli house - Here’s an unusual looking home.  Specially build for an unusual piñata.  The spinning crystals are actually a complex hologram-projection devise.  When they are turned on, they make the house look like a boring old pile of snow - perfect for a shy creature to maintain its privacy.
*Juicygoose house - Once upon a time there was a beautiful home made especially for the Juicygoose.  Juicygoose has never had such a wonderful house before and decide that from that day on, it would only live in houses that looked as good as this one.  So that is what happened, and the Juicygoose lived happily ever after.
*Kittyfloss house - Even a highly strung Kittyfloss can find peace and tranquility in the tranquil confines of this little home. Soothing scents waft around this feng shui paradise - just make sure you rotate it to the right angle or it will all be ruined.
*Lackatoad house - Lackatoads are not the healthiest of all creatures, and the Lackatoad is very honest about this.  See how its home is labeled as a warning to any passing visitors.  What a public-spirited piñata.
*Lemmoning house - This ice station was abandoned when scientists realized that the months of study and their expensive equipment was predicting that tomorrow was going to be “cold and snowy”.  It turns out they knew that already, so they moved somewhere warmer to discuss it, and left a perfect shelter for some chilly Lemmonings.
*Lickatoad house - This one really baffles me.  I cannot see any link between Lickatoads and windmills... Can anyone tell me who thought this was a good idea?
*Limeoceros house - What was once a pleasant, nicely decorated house became a smashed derelict shack after a little extention went horrible wrong for our poor Limeoceros.  Serves him right for not hiring Willy the builder!
*Macaraccoon house - Macaraccoons belong somewhere special, and this is that place.  Custom designed to give the modern Mac raccoon a base of operations, just look at your Macaraccoons’ reaction when you place this in your garden.
*Mallowolf house - Mallowolves are tough, ferocious and aggressive.  They insist on living in a cold, drafty cave, but you can’t help wondering if some fluffy cushions and a proper door would help them sleep better and improve they mood.
*Moojoo house - After Hansel and Gretal got rid of the witch, they were going to eat the house.  That was a bit short-sighted, because it turns out that in the current housing market, they could rent it out and become wealthy land owners.  Moojoo’s are allergic to gingerbread, so the property is surprisingly hard wearing.
*Moozipan  house - The only way Moozipan can get decent TV reception was to build three aerials on top of its home.  The thick walls covered with clay keep the home cool in even the hottest weather but stop the signal.  Now which bright spark covered the aerials with the same clay?
*Mothdrop house - I cannot understand the Mothdrop.  It only comes out at night, yet it is attracted to light.  Look at this home - it’s one big light!  Can someone tell the Mothdrop that the day is filled with lovely bright light?!
*Mousemallow house - This clock used to work normally, but bit by bit, the Mousemallow removed anything that was getting in the way.  Now it really is only of use to a Mousemallow family.
*Newtgat house - Did you know the walls of this home are waxed?  This is to stop the Newtgat leaving a pond and running home, dripping wet.  The Newtgat might shake itself dry, and the papery walls would get wet, and the next thing you know the floor would drop out.
*Parmadillo house - The Parmadillo's home provides the safest night's sleep on Pinata Island.  Build from heavy-weight armor and stocked with long-range cannons, nothing and no one can get into this miniature fortress.
*Parrybo house - I think the Parrybo lives in a house like this just to annoy the Quackberries.  It's well known that Parrybos are the official pirate bird of choice even though they can't swim.
*Peckanmix house - The Peckanmix house is a state to Pinata Island's most elaborate shows.  After a long day out and about in the garden, the curtains close to provide a warm place of rest for the show-stopping Peckanmix.
*Pengum house - A great blizzard forced a ship into the ice shelf just off the coast of Pinata Island.  The only way to escape was to lighten the load and let the ship float off.  This was one of the objects they abandoned, but at least it's been recycled by the clever Pengum.
*Pieena house - This house seems to have a familiar design.  Still it's good to keep ties to your roots.  No doubt in the heat of the desert, having an underground home is a good way to keep cool.
*Pigxie house - This is the perfect blend of two homes and just like the resident, it isn't exactly a good looking combination.
*Polollybear house - This is the traditional arctic-style home - made of locally sourced materials.  Roomy inside and easy to maintain, but no central heating for obvious reasons.  Recommended for pinatas with an all-over covering of thick fur.
*Ponocky house - This home was carefully constructed in the "ramshackle" style that is currently popular.  We challenge you to find a single right angle!
*Pretztail house - This is the upper entrance to the maze of hallways, corridors and rooms down below.  A Pretztail hole provides plenty of space for a large family of Pretztails and all their furniture.
*Profitamole house - Profitamoles live underground in complete darkness.  Not even the builder had ever seen the rooms that he builds in daylight.  You might think this is because the Profitamole has sensitive eyes, but it's really because it forgot to pay the electricity bill.
*Pudgeon house - A statue is a fantastic home, but a Pudgeon isn't exactly a tidy pinata.  No matter which statue the Pudgeons lived in, they upset someone until this statue of Professor Pester was discovered.
*Quackberry house - The question shouldn't be "why is a duck living in a galleon" - but rather "why did pirates keep Parrybos?  Let's face it, Parrybos can't even swim!
*Raisant house - Tiny towers reaching up to the sky.  Marvel at this miniature wonderful...  and Raisants use it to sleep in at night.
*Rashberry house - This hut will make the most nervous of Rashberries feel secure.  The design has recently been updated to include invisible venting to help disperse that "Rashberry" smell.
*Reddhott house - How much is the heating bill for this little home?  All those glowing coals and molten lava and the Reddhott doesn't even turn it off when it leaves home!
*Roario house - This is not a difficult building to explain:  royalty always lives in a palace.
*Robean house - If you had to stay with one of the pinatas from the Pinarctic wastes, you should choose the Robean.  Its house is made from a snugly looking sock dangling in front of a roaring fire.  Roasty warm and the fire resistant fibers in the sock mean it's much safer than it looks.
*S'morepion house - In ancient times, people built hidden tombs carved from rocks.  They hid treasures inside and actively encouraged S'morepions to live with the treasures a raider-deterrent.  One day, the S'morepions came back from a trip to the mall, and the treasures had vanished!  They kept their fancy house and there's a home cinema where the treasure room used to be.
*Salamango house - The Salamango home would be half as expensive if it weren't for those sculptures all around it.  Without them however, the Salamango wouldn't even look at the place, let alone live there.
*Sarsgorilla house - Although, it may look small on the outside, don't be deceived!  The Sarsgorilla house contains the most high-tech underground gym on Pinata Island, complete with weights, wrestling rings and punch bags.  When a Sarsgorilla returns after a long day in the garden, it takes the secret lift to this impressive Jungle Gym, where it can work out to its heart's content!
*Shellybean house - The home of the Shellybean is based on its shell.  When a Shellybean goes home, it moves into its house and then it tucks itself into its own shell.  It reminds me of Russian dolls packed one inside another.
*Sherbat house - This home always makes me chuckle.  Can you see what I mean...  It's a belfry.  So you've got Sherbats in your belfry...  No?  Oh well it must just be me then. 
*Smelba house - Eau de pinata!  This house was custom made to compensate for the unfortunate stench the Smelba carries, not only is the inside beautiful, but it smells divine!
*Sparrowmint house - Conveniently located on its own post, this thatched cottage will keep all your Sparrowmints snug and safe all night long.
*Squazzil house - Just look at the craftsmanship on these tiny domes.  Squazzils really appreciate good joinery, which is what makes this house so suitable for them.
*Swanana house - A Swanana does appreciate the finer things in life, and a home is no exception.  This was designed by Count Pylemup Bricks, the royal architect, who also worked on palaces for Sultans!
*Sweetle house - When Prince Abu-Kamen Ra decided to keep a pet Kittyfloss, he has an elaborate home build for it.  Hundreds of years passed, the Price and his whole kingdom were swallowed by the sand.  Not too long ago, a Sweetle was digging in the sand when it found the Prices pet home.  "I could live here if I changed the wallpaper" it thought to itself.
*Sweetooth house - Sweetooths like to live in a dam.  It's safe and secure, and there's lots of storage for their twig collections.  The only problem is no matter how carefully they are packed away, somehow a few twigs always go missing.
*Syrupent house - Just look at the home.  You have to walk though its "mouth" just to get in.  One day, some clever predator will move the house while the Syrupent is out and just lie where the house used to be, with its mouth open.  The Syrupent will come home with heavy bags of shopping and not even notice how slippy and dark the hallway has become.
*Taffly house - I don't think that the Taffly is very clever.  Just look at this home - it should send the Taffly running for cover, but instead it goes inside.  I just hope no one decides to plug it in, or there'll be Taffly candy all over the floor!
*Tartridge house - The Tartridge house pays resident to more than just the Tartridge!  Pinata watchers from all over Pinata Island get together to try and catch a peek of the latest and rarest pinatas your garden has to offer!
*Tigermisu house - Tigermisu!  Tigermisu! not so bright.  How do you get to sleep at night?  What builder with hand and eye, has build a house with such dreadful symmetry?  What in all the deeps or skies, did the architect see with his eyes?  Oh, how did professionals dare conspire, to build something only fit for the fire?
*Twingersnap house - Just because two heads are sharing a body doesn't mean that they share opinions.  This little building is as confused as the Twingersnap.
*Vulchurro house - At the very heart of the desert where the heat is deadly, lives the Vulchurro.  The only other thing that survives out there is the cactus.  The Vulchurro shouted some very rude things as it tried to aviod the prickles long enough to hollow out its home - good job no one was out there to hear it!
*Walrusk house - The Walrusk of romance has a house like no other pinata!  It's the first, the last ans the only it'll ever need!
*Whirlm house -  This isn't just any old jumble of pipes - this is the state of the art Whirlm villa, with built-in satellite TV and blast proof doors.
*Zumbug house - Have you got lots of Zumbugs wandering around, cluttering up the place up?  Get this handy Zumbug dwelling to solve all your unsightly Zumbug tidying needs.
| Helper houses
*Helper home - This house will keep all of your helpers safe and sound.  It has five bathrooms, a fridge with five shelves and a dishwasher, so there won’t be any disagreements, no matter how many helpers are living there.
{| class="wikitable collapsible collapsed"
! Tools
| Shovel
*How to:  Shovel - The shovel is very useful, and you can use it in lots of ways.  With even the most basic shovel, you have a choice of hitting objects {{Button|a}}  or gently tapping or poking things {{Button|x}}.  If you hold {{Button|a}}  down, the shovel waits in mid-air.  When you let {{Button|a}}  go, it swings.  This isn’t a stronger hit-It just allows you to time your hits more precisely.  When you improve you shovel, you will be able to do even more things with it.  For those of you in a hurry, jump right to the shovel by pressing {{Button|du}}.
*Bronze shovel head -
*Chocolate sniffer -
*Dastardos head -
*Gold shovel handle -
*Iron shovel handle -
*Platinum shovel handle -
*Pond shovel head -
*Seed shovel head -
*Silver shovel handle -
*Treecutter shovel head -
| Trick stick
*Bronze beauty -
*Crowbar -
*Crystal cane - This pretty stick was enhanced with crystal, cut into amazing shapes that catch the light.  I like to see this little trick stick being used because it glints in the sunshine.
*Fish -
*Golden rod - If you like to show off a little bit, this trick stick has real gold worked into it.  I find it to be a bit too heavy but for those fashion-conscious gardeners, it's a real discomfort worth putting up with.
*Manky stick -
*Magic ward -
*Rolling pin -
*Sausage -
*Silver staff - This trick stick has a touch of class about it.  The silver decoration gives it a little extra weight that feels more comfortable in your hand.  It is identical to any other trick stick but looks better.
*Spatula - King of the kitchen utensils is the multi-purpose spatula.  We salute you, spatula with this trick stick. Carefully crafted to honor all that is great about spatula hood.
| Watering can
*How to:  Watering can - A good gardener knows how to use a  watering can and it’s not as simple as just tipping it up.  Press {{Button|a}} to pour a single dose from the can.  This is useful if you want to give a plant just the right amount of water.  If you press {{Button|x}}  to start pouring, the can, the can will keep pouring until it’s empty, but you stop it by pressing {{Button|x}}  again.  The can will automatically refill over time.  Sigh, if only there was a purse with the same abilities.  For those or you in a rush, press {{Button|dl}} to skip right to your can.
*Everpour 5000 watering can -
*Glass watering can -
*Gold watering can -
*One pour wonder -
*Tin watering can -
| Bag
*Bait bag - If you want to catch a piñata in a trap, you’ll need to lure it in with some bait.  When you are in the Piñarctic or Dessert desert regions, press {{Button|x}} to bring up the menu, and point at the bait bag using the {{Button|ls}}.  Now press {{Button|a}}  to open the bait bag in the region.  You can cycle through the available bait by using {{Button|lb}} and {{Button|rb}}.  When you have found your ideal bait, drop it into position using {{Button|a}}.
*Fertilizer bag - You never know when you need a spot of fertilizer.  Simply put the cursor on a plant, and press {{Button|x}} to bring up the menu.  Now select the fertilizer tool.  You will return to the garden with a bag of fertilizer over the plant.  Use {{Button|lb}} and {{Button|rb}} to cycle through the available fertilizers.  When you have the fertilizer you want press {{Button|a}} to sprinkle some on the plant.
*Seed bag - Instead of visiting the shop to buy some seeds, you can use the seed bag.  Press {{Button|x}} to bring up the menu, and point at the seed bag using the {{Button|ls}}. Press {{Button|a}} to open the seed bag in the garden.  You can cycle through the available seeds by using the {{Button|lb}} and {{Button|rb}}.  When you have found the seed you want to buy, drop it into position using {{Button|a}}.  The cost will be taken from your chocolate coin total.
| Surface packets
*How to:  Long grass packet - Once you have the long grass packet, you can select it from the main menu {{Button|x}}.  First, select the grass packet.  The menu should change to allow you to choose between packets you have.  Select one with {{Button|ls}} and press {{Button|a}} to return to the garden with your chosen packet.  You can use the shortcut on the D-pad if you have the cursor in the garden.  Simply press {{Button|dr}} to bring up the grass packet, and {{Button|dr}} again to change to the long grass packet.
*How to:  Packet - When you have chosen a packet, you can start planting grass or laying sand and snow straight away.  Press {{Button|a}} to start pouring from the packet, and then press {{Button|a}} again to stop.  You can only plant grass on good soil.  If you have too much sand, snow or grass, the packet lets you remove it.  To do so, press {{Button|x}} to start removing surface, then press {{Button|x}} again to stop.  Sometimes you need a delicate touch, so pressing {{Button|x}} switches between large and small cursors.  Get the packet out super quickly by pressing {{Button|dr}}.
*Grass packet -
*Long grass packet -
*Sand packet -
*Snow packet -
{| class="wikitable collapsible collapsed"
! Miscellaneous items
| Accessories
*Apples and pears hat -
*Ash slippers -
*Astro-walkers -
*Baby’s bib -
*Ballet shoes -
*Barkbark tags -
*Baseball cap -
*Battletoad bracelet -
*Beaded wig -
*Beanie cap -
*Bell -
*Belly-splash specials -
*Big bling earrings -
*Big jolly lips -
*Binner’s hat -
*Blackeye patch -
*Bling bangle -
*Bling bracelet -
*Bring earrings -
*Bling nose-ring -
*Bling teeth -
*Bonnet -
*Bottles’ glasses -
*Bow -
*Breegull carrier -
*Breegull turbo trainers -
*Breegull waders -
*Buck teeth -
*Bullfighter’s hat -
*Bunnycomb ears -
*Bunnycomb slippers -
*Bushy mustache -
*Butcha’s -
*Buttercup hair flower -
*Buzzlegum keepers hat -
*Ceasar’s hat -
*Camo cap -
*Caterpillars -
*Chewnicorn horn -
*Cleopatra’s necklace -
*Clockwork key -
*Clogs -
*Combat boots -
*Comedian’s choice -
*Comedian’s nose -
*Comrade’s hat -
*Conga’s top hat -
*Conkerific helmet -
*Cook hat -
*Cool shades -
*Crown -
*Crystal broach -
*Daisy hair flower -
*Danceglow -
*Dastardos scarf -
*Delmonty -
*Dentures of the night -
*Diamond choker -
*Diamond necklace -
*Disco shades -
*Doenut stalker -
*Edo wig -
*Eighties watch -
*Extreme sports goggles -
*Fair dinkum hat -
*Fake fin -
*Fake winner’s rosette -
*Fez -
*Firefighter’s hat -
and more...
| Candy
*Amber golf candy - Animals won't eat them, so you can enjoy a round in peace.  It also keeps track of the number of times it's been hit - perfect for determining the golf champion!  This one happens to be amber.
*Blue golf candy - Animals won't eat them, so you can enjoy a round in peace.  It also keeps track of the number of times it's been hit - perfect for determining the golf champion!  This one happens to be blue.
*Green golf candy - Animals won't eat them, so you can enjoy a round in peace.  It also keeps track of the number of times it's been hit - perfect for determining the golf champion!  This one happens to be green.
*Happy candy - This is no mere candy.  When a pinata eats one of these, they are filled with a warm giggly feeling that brightens their mood and makes them happier.
*Joy candy - This is the Happy candy's big brother.  When pinatas eat one of these all of their troubles melt away and they feel on top of the world.  Use it as a very special treat for your best pinata or use it to convince your depressed pinatas to stay.
*Pinata candy - I am sorry if you already know this but pinatas have candy inside.  When they break open, the candies land on the ground.  If another pinata is in range, it will try to eat the candy.  This is one of those types of candy.
*Pinata life candy (not in game ency) - This is the very essence of a ''pinata name here.''
*Red golf candy - Animals won't eat them, so you can enjoy a round in peace.  It also keeps track of the number of times it's been hit - perfect for determining the golf champion!  This one happens to be amber.
*Romance candy - After you have romanced pinatas and you want to romance them again, this candy will act like one of cupid's little arrows.  Feed this to each pinata that you want to romance, then introduce them to each other.  Simple.
*Smelly candy - What is the smelliest, most disgusting stench in the whole world?  Well this candy smells like that...only much worst.  Nearly everything in the world will try to avoid these if they are lying around. 'Cough!' 
*Sour candy - This is the meanest trick in the book.  It looks like candy, it smells like candy, but if a pinata eats one it will become sick.
| Money
*Big gold chocolate coin -
*Bronze chocolate coin -
*Gold chocolate coin -
*Silver chocolate coin -
| Produce
*Air freshener -
*Amber gem -
*Banana split -
*Blue bone -
*Bone -
*Bread -
*Carrot cake -
*Cheese -
*Cheesecake -
*Coconut macaroons -
*Coffee -
*Crisps (not in game ency) -
*Diamond -
*Emerald -
*Figgy pudding -
*Garlic butter -
*Gold flake -
*Gold nugget -
*Gooseberry fool -
*Green bone -
*Honey -
*Horseradish -
*Jack ‘o’ lantern -
*Jam -
*Jelly -
*Marmalade -
*Medicine -
*Milk -
*Mine workings -
*Muffin -
*Mushroom -
*Pea soup -
*Peanut butter -
*Red bone -
*Ribs (blue, green, red) -
*Ruby -
*Sandwich -
*Sapphire -
*Skull (blue, green, red) -
*Spine (blue, green, red) -
*Stew -
*Toffee apple -
*Wool -
{| class="wikitable collapsible collapsed"
! Not in Ency 
| Blockades
*Big rock pile - These rocks are as hard as er...Rocks!  This is going to require an explosive solution.
*Elite ruffian guard - The toughest of the tough.  Only the largest pinatas will be able to make an impression here.
*Fallen tree - What's this!?  Someone should log a complaint!  Pinatas who like to chew might be of assistance here...
*Ice block - Brrr!  It's freezing!  Time to hot things up.
*Poisonous weeds - Urghhhh what a mess!  Some gardening attention is urgently required.
*Regular Ruffian guard - Hummm.  This one looks a bit more dangerous.  You'll need some scary looking piñatas to get rid of this.
*Sleeping Chippopotamus - This lazy Chippo needs some uninvited feathers guests to wake it up.
*Soil pile - Who left this lying around?  Some burrowing pinatas would be handy here.
| Duds and Debugs
*'''Fake crate''' is very risky.  You will get a game crash if you try to read the journal or sell and it to strong to smash.  You must delete that garden to rid yourself of it.
*'''Giant loather''' is very risky.  You will get a game crash if you try to read the journal or sell and it to strong to smash.  You must delete that garden to rid yourself of it.
*'''Japanese Logo''' is very risky.  You will get a game crash if you try to read the journal or sell and it to strong to smash.  You must delete that garden to rid yourself of it.
*'''Logo''' is very risky.  You will get a game crash if you try to read the journal or sell and it to strong to smash.  You must delete that garden to rid yourself of it.
*'''Perimeter stone''' have no option to smash or sell and produce a crash when trying to read the journal info.  You have to delete that garden to remove it from the game.
*'''Prop totem snail''' that looks like a Shellybean block might be a dud because I haven't ever got it to scan.  It produces a red bar like the '''Dedos house''' for me in more than three occasions.
*'''Stool''' is very risky.  You will get a game crash if you try to read the journal or sell and it to strong to smash.  You must delete that garden to rid yourself of it.
*'''Tag editor post''' Produces only red bar.  Invalid like Dedos house.
*'''Test angry sweet''' do not sell, crate, enyc however smashing the candy is ok.
*'''Test become young sweet''' do not sell, crate, enyc however smashing the candy is ok.
*'''Test cheered sweet''' do not sell, crate, enyc however smashing the candy is ok.
*'''Test dizzy sweet''' do not sell, crate, enyc however smashing the candy is ok.
*'''Test explode sweet''' do not sell, crate, enyc however smashing the candy is ok.
*'''Test grow up sweet''' do not sell, crate, enyc however smashing the candy is ok.
*'''Test scared sweet''' do not sell, crate, enyc however smashing the candy is ok.
*'''Test sleep sweet''' do not sell, crate, enyc however smashing the candy is ok.
*'''Test whacked sweet''' do not sell, crate, enyc however smashing the candy is ok.
== Developer PVCs ==  
== Developer PVCs ==  
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| [[:Image:WINTER CARD.jpg]]
| [[:Image:WINTER CARD.jpg]]
== Possible Missing PVcards? ==
**Black Flutterscotch egg
**Blue Flutterscotch egg
**Brown Flutterscotch egg
**Green Flutterscotch egg
**Orange Flutterscotch egg
**Pink Flutterscotch egg
**Purple Flutterscotch egg
**Yellow Flutterscotch egg
**Birdproof fence
**Birdproof gate
**Iron gate
**Iron railings
**Oak gate
**Stone wall
**Wire fence
**Wooden fence
**Wooden gate
**Wooden picket fence
**Garden store
**Choclodocus elite skin
== Animal vs. Pinata ==
== Animal vs. Pinata ==

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Helpful and Interesting

Developer PVCs

Possible Missing PVcards?

  • EGGS
    • Black Flutterscotch egg
    • Blue Flutterscotch egg
    • Brown Flutterscotch egg
    • Green Flutterscotch egg
    • Orange Flutterscotch egg
    • Pink Flutterscotch egg
    • Purple Flutterscotch egg
    • Yellow Flutterscotch egg
    • Birdproof fence
    • Birdproof gate
    • Hedge
    • Iron gate
    • Iron railings
    • Oak gate
    • Stone wall
    • Wire fence
    • Wooden fence
    • Wooden gate
    • Wooden picket fence
    • Garden store
    • Choclodocus elite skin

Animal vs. Pinata

Animal pinata vision names and in-game pinata names. Note the names of the animals on the developer cards released so far.

Prefixes listed on some cards
zz1 - Exclusive to the Dessert Desert
zz2 - Exclusive to the Pinarctic
zz3 - Exclusive to the Main Garden

Animal vs. Pinata
Animal Pinata
Ant Raisant
Badger Badgesicle
Bat Sherbat
Batpest Sour Sherbat
Bear Fizzlybear
Beaver Sweetooth
Bee Buzzlegum
Blackbutterfly Black Flutterscotch
Bluebottle Taffly
Bluebutterfly Blue Flutterscotch
Boomslang Twingersnap
Brownbutterfly Brown Flutterscotch
Bushbaby Galagoogoo
Buzzard Buzzenge
Canary Candary
Cat Kittyfloss
Chameleon Jameleon
Chicken Cluckles
Cow Moozipan
Crocodile Cocoadile
Crocodilepest SourCocoadile
Crow Crowla
Crowpest Sour Crowla
Deer Doenut
Dog Barkbark
Dragon Dragonache
Dragonfly Dragumfly
Duck Quackberry
Eagle Eaglair
Elephant Elephanilla
Firefly Reddhott
Firesalamander Salamango
Flyingpig Pigxie
Fox Pretztail
Frog Lickatoad
Goose Juicygoose
Grasssnake Syrupent
Greenbutterfly Green Flutterscotch
Hedgehog Fudgehog
Hippo Chippopotamus
Horse Horstachio
Hydra Fourheads
Lion Roario
Mandrill Bonboon
Mandrillpest Sour Bonboon
Mole Profitamole
Molepest Sour Profitamole
Monkey Cinnamonkey
Moth Mothdrop
Mouse Mousemallow
Newt Newtgat
Orangebutterfly Orange Flutterscotch
Parrot Parrybo
Pig Rashberry
Pigeon Pudgeon
Pinkbutterfly Pink Flutterscotch
Poisonfrog Lackatoad
Pony Ponocky
Purplebutterfly Purple Flutterscotch
Rabbit Bunnycomb
Raccoon Macaraccoon
Raccoonpest Sour Macaraccoon
Redbutterfly Red Flutterscotch
Sheep Goobaa
Snail Shellybean
Snailpest Sour Shellybean
Sparrow Sparrowmint
Spider Arocknid
Squirrel Squazzil
Swan Swanana
Unicorn Chewnicorn
Whitebutterfly White Flutterscotch
Wolf Mallowolf
Wolfpest Sour Mallowolf
Worm Whirlm
Yellowbutterfly Yellow Flutterscotch
Zebra Zumbug
zz1Lemming Lemmoning
zz1Lemmingpest Sour Lemmoning
zz1Moose Moojoo
zz1Penguin Pengum
zz1Polarbear Polollybear
zz1Robin Robean
zz1Snowfox Arctic Pretztail
zz1Snowgoose Arctic Juicygoose
zz1Snowowl Arctic Hootyfruity
zz1Snowrabbit Arctic Bunnycomb
zz1Snowtiger Arctic Tigermisu
zz1Yak Flapyak
zz1Yeti Jeli
zz2Camel Camello
zz2Gecko Geckie
zz2Hyena Pieena
zz2Ostrich Chocstrich
zz2Sandant Desert Raisant
zz2Sandbuzzard Desert Buzzenge
zz2Sandrhino Desert Limeoceros
zz2Sandsnake Desert Syrupent
zz2Sandspider Desert Arocknid
zz2Scarab Sweetle
zz2Scorpion S'morepion
zz2Scorpionpest Sour S'morepion
zz2Vulture Vulchurro
zz3Armadillo Parmadillo
zz3Crab Custacean
zz3Dinosaur Choclodocus
zz3Gorilla Sarsgorilla
zz3Ladybird Bispotti
zz3Owl Hootyfruity
zz3Peacock Peckanmix
zz3Rhino Limeoceros
zz3Rhinopest Sour Limeoceros
zz3Skunk Smelba
zz3Skunkpest Sour Smelba
zz3Smallbird Tartridge
zz3Tiger Tigermisu
zz3Turtle Cherrapin
zz3Walrus Walrusk
zz3Warthog Hoghurt