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This is a starting draft of a Style guide for the wiki. It contains conventions about formatting and layout for the articles.

At some point, it will probably have a bit more content up top, but for now, we'll use examples to address the various topics.

This Style guide does not cover general wiki markup help, which can be found at Help:Editing. To experiment with wiki markup, try the


What it looks like What you type

Please sign and date any comments you add to a Talk (discussion) page:

Viva Pinata is great! --FeralKitty 02:09, 13 November 2006 (EST)

  • You can click the Your signature with timestamp button located above the textbox, to insert the correct markup for you.
Viva Pinata is great!  --~~~~

Please separate your Talk page comments from another user's comments with two blank lines. This makes it easier to read separate people's comments:

I like Bunnycombs! --FeralKitty 00:37, 13 November 2006 (EST)

They're ok. --Spartan 00:41, 13 November 2006 (EST)

But... Galagoogoos are best! --Spartan 00:44, 13 November 2006 (EST)

  • It's fine to leave a single blank line between entries if the previous entry is written by the same person.
I like [[Bunnycomb]]s!  --~~~~

They're ok.  --~~~~

But... [[Galagoogoo]]s are best!  --~~~~

Please capitalize species names. All other names (plants, trees, items, colors, etc.) should be lowercase:

Your Moozipan is eating my daisies.

Your [[Moozipan]] is eating my [[Daisy|daisies]].

Please use the following wording for variant information -- Feeding it a item changes its color to color. Example:

Feeding it a turnip changes its color to purple.
Feeding it a water lily seed changes its color to red.
Feeding it a watercress changes its color to green.

  • Please use line breaks (<br/>) instead of separate table rows for the variant table.
Feeding it a [[turnip]] changes its color to purple.<br/>
Feeding it a [[Water Lily|water lily seed]] changes its color to red.<br/>
Feeding it a [[watercress]] changes its color to green.

Please link related items (e.g. apples, apple seeds, and apple trees) to their common page:

Buy 4 apples, 2 apple seeds, and 1 apple tree.

Turn 1 apple into a toffee apple.

  • Tinkered items should be linked to the Transformation page so a visitor can easily determine what item to transform.
Buy 4 [[Apple Tree|apples]], 2 [[Apple Tree|apple seeds]], and 1 [[apple tree]].

Turn 1 [[Apple Tree|apple]] into a [[Transformation|toffee apple]].

Please link the first occurrence of a term in a section. Other nearby occurrences should not be linked:

My Buzzlegums killed my Raisant. Are Buzzlegums and Raisants enemies?

My [[Buzzlegum]]s killed my [[Raisant]].  Are Buzzlegums and Raisants enemies?

Please use the following article and category links as appropriate:

Dastardos is not much of a helper.

Costolot's General Store sells:

I bought a fez for my Cinnamonkey.

The Rashberry is a domestic pinata.

I need to be a level 19 gardener to attract a sour profitamole.

Please ship me 1900 chocolate coins.

  • Seeds don't have a category, since they are included on specific Tree, Bush, or Flower pages.
  • The word 'chocolate' can be omitted.
[[:Category:Helper|Dastardos]] is not much of a [[:Category:Helper|helper]].

[[Shop#Costolot's General Store|Costolot's General Store]] sells:
*[[:Category:Water Flower|water flowers]],
*[[:Category:Tree|trees]], and

I bought a [[Accessories|fez]] for my [[Cinnamonkey]].

The [[Rashberry]] is a [[:Category:Domestic|domestic]] pinata.

I need to be a [[Rank|level 19 gardener]] to attract a [[Profitamole|sour profitamole]].

Please [[Crate|ship]] me 1900 [[currency|chocolate coins]].

Please preceed headings with two blank lines:

Cats rule, dogs drool.


Cats rule, dogs drool.

== Requirements ==

Information about how to evolve *this* species into another species, should be placed under the variants table. For example, on the Sparrowmint page, you should see:

Species variants

Species variants for the Sparrowmint
== Species variants ==
{| border="1" class="pii_species_variants"
! '''Species [[variant]]s for the Sparrowmint'''
| ...

*Feeding a Sparrowmint a [[Buttercup]] causes it to evolve into a [[Candary]]

Information about how to create *this* species from another species, should be placed under the Requirements heading. For example, on the Candary page, you should see:


Feeding a Buttercup to a Sparrowmint will turn it into a Candary.

== Requirements ==

Feeding a [[Buttercup]] to a [[Sparrowmint]] will turn it into a Candary.|