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Microsoft Game Studios has formed marketing partnerships with the following organizations to help promote Viva Pinata.



Characters from the tv show will appear on 70 million boxes of Kellogg's cereals.

There is also an exclusive Kellogg’s Viva Pinata Music Video available from the Xbox Live Marketplace via a download code available in marked packages of Pop Tarts.

Radio Disney

Radio Disney will run on-air and Web promotions tied to Viva Piñata's music.


Rare will offer digital in-game accessories for piñatas (sunglasses, hats, etc.) via an "unlock code" exclusively from Target stores.

Burker King

Template:Main For a limited time in October 2007, Burger King released 8 different piñata toys made by the Little Tikes toy company. Each piñata can be opened to reveal 1 of 2 possible different toys within it.


Schools in New York, Los Angeles and Chicago have distributed a million book covers promoting the show.