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= Trouble in Paradise =
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Trouble in Paradise

Leafos Alert Alert Message
Arocknid unblocked Congratulations, you cleared the Arocknid’s path and allowed it into you garden.
Barkbark unblocked Professor Pester will be fuming when he sees how easily you cleared the Barkbark’s path.
Dragumfly unblocked Well done. You freed the Dragumfly so he can come into the garden.
Eaglair unblocked Seeing an Eaglair, you couldn’t believe that such a flimsy obstacle could stop it. Now that you’ve cleared the path, we don’t really have to worry about that anymore.
Elephanilla unblocked I don’t think this Elephanilla was really trying to get in. It looks more than strong enough to clear almost any barrier.
Fizzlybear unblocked Good work you messed up Professor Pester’s plan to stop the Fizzlybear from ever coming into you garden.
Goobaa unblocked It doesn’t take much to outwit a Goobaa. Professor Pester probably thought he was cleaver picking on this piñata, but you showed him!
Parrybo unblocked What could Professor Pester have planned for a trapped Parrybo? Because of you, we will never find out, thank goodness.
Ponocky unblocked Being trapped on that path will make the chirpy little Ponocky sad. Than goodness you foiled Professor Pester’s evil scheme, so now it can visit your garden.
Pudgeon unblocked The garden wouldn’t be the same without the odd Pudgeon or two. Congratulations on clearing a way through for it.
Swanana unblocked The Swanana will be pleased that you have rescued it. Professor Pester will be extremely angry. I think you can count this as a good days work.
A piñata has broken open A piñata has been broken open. When piñatas lose their candy like this, they return to the wild-outside the garden. It’s a part of life here on Piñata Island. You can’t become a great gardener, without breaking a few piñatas.
A piñata has learned a difficult trick Congratulations! A piñata has learned a difficult trick.
A piñata has learned a new trick Congratulations! A piñata has learned a new trick.
Cocoon information A baby piñata is ready to grow up! The baby goes into a cocoon where it grows to its adult size. When it has grown it will hatch out as a young adult. If you get inpatient you could give the cocoon some encouragement with your shovel.
Credits unlocked Congratulations, the credits sequence has now been unlocked. You can access this from the title screen main menu.
Dastardos introduction Let me introduce Dastardos. He loves smashing open sick piñatas and stealing their candy. He’s very difficult to stop, if only you could make the piñata well, then he wouldn’t try to get their candy.
Every award achieved Many, many congratulations, it appears as though you have earned every possible award that Piñata Central has to offer you. We really must find some way to thank you…do you know where the Giant Goobaa resides?
Fight information There’s a fight. Even good-natured piñatas sometimes find a neighbor that they just can’t get along with. Fights are trouble, because one side always ends up getting hurt.
Gamer Pic unlocked Here is another gamer pic to add to your collection.
Helper quit Shame on you! One of your helpers because trapped for so long that a Ruffian has to come to set it free! They’re leaving the garden together, and the helper will not be coming back!
Label design Every time a new piñata is hatched in your garden, your label is fixed to it. You can change your label by using the label designer. Press A to close this alert, put your cursor on the piñata born in your garden, bring up the information by pressing Y, and then select the label design icon.
Max Candiosity hint You need to fill the candiosity meter of one of your piñatas. Feeding helps, but the cheapest way is to name them. Put the cursor on a piñata, and watch for the menu.
New garden welcome. Hi I’m Leafos and I’m going to help you get started. Look for this menu. It can show up anywhere, but it always tries to tell you where to go and what to do next.
New piñata spotted A new piñata has been spotted in the Dessert Desert.
New pinata spotted A new piñata has been spotted in the Piñarctic.
Pinata being hunted A hunt has started! The piñata food chain means that sometimes the bigger, cute and papery piñatas feed on the smaller cute papery piñatas. You may be able to stop a hunter by dousing it with water, whacking it with your shovel or keeping it away from its dinner by building a good strong fence.
Pinatas can’t romance! Oh dear, your garden is full of piñatas. If you want to romance piñatas and hatch there egg, you’ll need to reduce the garden population.
Piñata head design tag unlocked Because you’ve become a master romancer or tamed a sour, you’ve unlocked an extra design in the tag editor.
Pinata trampled Oh dear, one of your piñatas has been trampled! Naturally, this will make them unhappy.
Plant dried out One of your plants is too dry. When plants haven’t got enough water, they change to a brown color. If you water them, they will recover. If you leave them without water too long, they will die.
Plant on the wrong surface Do you know that one of your plants is on an unsuitable surface? The plant will only survive for a short while after which it may reverse its growth or turn old and lifeless. To avoid this you should get it back on a more suitable surface in time.
Plant over-watered Careful now! One of your plants is being over-watered. When plants have too much water they change to a blue color. If you stop watering them they will recover, but if you water them too much, they will die. So keep an eye on them.
Plant stunted Hey there, you are growing a plant that’s being stunted. This can lead to part or all of the plant not growing at all. To avoid this you should remove the blockage as soon as possible, and in the future plant your seeds away from the objects that could cause this problem again.
Return to garden hint Good catch! Now return to the main garden and visit the Post office to unpack your trap.
Romancing problem Animals want to romance, but they can’t get home! Help them, or they’ll be broken hearted!
Seed failed to plant This seed failed to plant, because you have too many other plants in your garden, taking up precious minerals and nutrients.
Seedos introduction Let me introduce you to Seedos. He’s obsessed with gathering seeds. You should try talking to him.
Troubleshooting Piñata Vision When you show the Xbox Live vision camera a card, the display may change color to show you that something is not right. If it is amber, this means that the card has been read, but you can’t use in this particular situation. Try again another time or in another place. If the display is red, it means the Xbox Live vision camera read the card, but it appears to be invalid. Be sure there is plenty of light when using cards. You may even find a small adjustment to the cameras focus helps too.
Twin wildcards hatched A wildcard is a very special piñata, but two together is an amazing event.
Wildcard piñata That is amazing! There’s a one in a million chance that a wildcard pinata is born! It must be your lucky day!
You got a Dragonache! You’ve found a Dragonache. Wonderful!
Your garden is full! Your garden is getting very full. If you keep adding stuff, piñatas will stop coming into the garden and there won’t be room for any more plants . If you get rid of some things that you don’t need anymore, your garden can continue to grow. Look in the journal-Garden Area section to see which things are taking up the most space in the garden.
You have made space... You have made space so you can continue to grow and develop this garden. I’d recommend that you only keep the things you really need or like.