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Candy:Red Hots
Base value:2100 coins
Reddhott house
The Reddhott house is an arm holding a torch of lava.
Housing cost:1155 coins
Romance dance
Wildcard Reddhott
Unique trait: Large wings

Imagine scorching the furniture when you sit on it. Imagine having to move every few seconds unless the ground underneath you sets alight. What kind of life is that? Who is responsible for this?

Classic requirements

Setting a Taffly on fire (by directing it to a Firebrand) then quickly dousing it with the watering can turns it into a Reddhott.

Romance requirements

  • Has eaten 3 chilis
  • Have 3 lights of any kind in the garden
  • Have a Reddhott house in the garden

Species variants

Species variants for the Xenocidic/VPC:Reddhott2

Feeding it a water lily flower changes its color to pink.
Feeding it a bluebell seed changes its color to blue.
Feeding it a piece of carrot cake changes its color to red.

Xenocidic/VPC:Reddhott2 variant 1 Xenocidic/VPC:Reddhott2 variant 2 Xenocidic/VPC:Reddhott2 variant 3

Reddhott uses

  • Eating 1 Reddhott helps mature a Dragonache.
  • Eating 1 Reddhott helps meet the Salamango Romance requirements.
  • Winning a fight against a Reddhott helps meet the Dragumfly Resident requirements.

Species conflicts

Other information

  • Rather than breeding Reddhott pinatas, it is far more cost-effective to breed Tafflies and evolve them.

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