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About me

My name is Joe and I've been around the VP community for quite sometime now. I believe it's reaching almost 2 years. I've accomplished a lot in that time, made some great friends, and made some mistakes, but honestly, I have no regrets.

I'm 16 and I play on my High School's varsity soccer team, as well as my club team. Last year, my club finished 1st in the state cup for Florida. We're currently in 1st place in our league, and are anticipating another great finish to this season.

As for gaming, I'm a pro Gears of War . I've placed:

  • 9th (Semi-Pro) at MLG Meadowlands
  • 6th at Orlando (Pro)
  • 5th at MLG Toronto (Pro)

and My team is predicted to finish 3rd for MLG Dallas.

VP History

As I said early, I've been around for almost 2 years now. In that time, I've made almost 100 guide videos, made a player organization, and everything in between. It's all been great fun, but my best accomplishment is being the ONLY person to EVER get a complete WC collection. Every single WC in VP Classic. My goal is to do the same in TIP, although it won't be nearly as much of a challenge.

2nd Traits I have

Here is a list of the 2nd WC traits I get. If any of oyu are interested, we can set up trades and garden visits to get the WCs we need.

  • Arctic Bunnycomb: 6 Ears
  • Bunnycomb: 6 Ears
  • Buzzenges: Down-ward Curved beak
  • Cherrapin: Spikes on Shell ** Have 3rd Trait **
  • Cluckles: Larger head thing
  • Cocoadile: Arrow Tail
  • Desert Buzzenges: Down-Ward Curved Beak
  • Geckie: Tail Fin
  • Lickatoad: Ridge on Head
  • Pengum: Mohawk
  • Pieena: Shark Fin ** Have 3rd Trait **
  • Preztail: Spikes on Tail
  • Quackberry: Turkey Feathers ** Have 3rd Trait**
  • Sparrowmint: Mohawk
  • Tatridge: Tail
  • Whirlm: Multiple Antennas


I've had a lot of Gamertags and nicknames. They are:

  • An Insane Guy
  • AIG
  • Melontastic
  • TW Insane Guy
  • EviI Rage
  • Duhficient
  • DetrimentaI