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best pic ever thanks BIGsheep!

googleman helping viva pinata lovers 1 step at a time with there knolege

"i" found the poliollybear without me knowone would care!!! but everyone else is taking credid for what i found!!! haw dare thay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i think the pollybear is attracted to a garden with fizzlybears if possable blue or white ones and a couple rashbarrys or something or it is the fizzlybears wc! find out soon i will reveal the anwer when i see at least 1 post talking about it!

my third favorite pinata is the mallowolfmy second one is the bunnycomb and my 1 fav is the roario i found out that bunnycombs wont run away from mallowolfs

almost to lvl 80!!! and i got roario master romancer

wild card help

  • for best resoults mix with milk and butter (this is only a joke do not attemt belive me i tryed i am knaw hatted by squzzles)

jokes of the month

  • my brother thinks i play to much viva pinata, wait i need to let my barkbark.. i mean my dog inside (this is a joke i do not call my dog barkbark
  • why do people try to but pinatas in their hair? thay hurd that there was a bunny-comb pinata!

garden names

  • pinata paradis (bunnycomb wc maker)
  • main ( name has real name in it wich i will not tell)
  • serpentbreeder (it has chewincorn breeder knaw but i used to have serpent breeders)
  • cocodile breeder ( name gives it out)
  • there are 2 more gardens but there names are hard to pronaunce and spell
  • i took one of the ones with no name is knaw a roario garden!!! whitch is that buzzlegum one with barkbarks down there.

what pinatas are kool?

  • chewnicorns i really dont know this link go to the pinata page to see it all

best garden items?

  • glowrocks
  • captin cutless
  • barrels
  • water waver
  • stone walls
  • oke gate

what food is best?

best random pinata sitings

  • squzzle running threw the garden when you dont have a hazle nut tree or the nuts

worst sours

  • basicly all of them

tip of the month

  • keep your workers and pinata very happy this will stop fighting,slow downs,trafice jams and the workers not doing anything....

yay change of the year!!

 *I have finaly got the roario witch is my favorit pinata now and I am on the track to
getting a master romacer for themok this is all true.

heres barky

Bark Bark.JPG