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Traps And Bait

Traps are used to help you capture Pinarctic and Dessert Desert such as the Lemmoning and S'morepion then you can attempt to reside them. also there are some pinatas you will see outside the garden such as the Hootyfruity and Raisant which can also be found and captured, brought back to your garden and reside with either Yellow and orange or blue and white depending on were you find them. If you capture a Pinarctic variant it will be white and blue and if you find it in the Dessert Desert it will be yellow and orange. But be careful, Don't leave a trap lying in the Desert or arctic unless your playing Just for fun mode because a sour pinata might get trapped. Even if you have your block on or off it will still be there however they become ill and explode leaving weed seeds behind if the block is on when they visit. Although to cancel a trap, go over it and press B then B again. (Unless you want to use the crate as scenery)

Trapping one

Buy a trap, then go over to the encyclopedia of the pinata you want to catch, like the Sour Lemmoning likes any bait so placing a random food on a trap will do, scaring off other pinatas so they don't get caught is a good idea. Then just wait for the pinata to get caught and send it to the Post Office and picking up the crate that says 'Captured!!' and putting it in your garden. The traps provided below is the recommended option/Only Possible and this is not guaranteed to work. Another note is when any bait will do for a pinata the cheapest and most recommended option is a Sunflower Seed.

Name, Found In Arctic or Desert, and Bait requirements.

Home Edition

Business Edition

Ultimate Edition