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This is a documentation subpage for Template:PVI.


This template should be added to all Piñata Vision images that contain a scannable barcode.

By default, including this template in an image article will add the article to Category:Piñata Vision image. Calling this template with an optional unnamed parameter nocat will suppress the category tag.

Suppress category tag (optional, boolean)


{{PVI|nocat}} gives


  1. Prior to recategorizing PV images, all images were in a common category. To maintain backwards compatibility for images that haven't been re-categorized, the template's default behavior still categorizes PV images in the old category. Newly uploaded images should specify nocat, to continue displaying the message box, but not place the image in the old category.
  2. Default sort key {{PAGENAME}} is specified, to sort the image article by page title (instead of by namespace).