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I thought they were called Zombas,not Zumbugs.-MiaRe123

Me too. I'm not saying this couldn't be right but who ever edited this could we have a legit source please. -Spartan

My source is the EDGE magazine article and has been confirmed by one of the animators for the show. Nobody ever saw "Zomba" in writing, I think it was just assumed that's what Mabel was saying... but Zumbug is correct. --Jimmcq 19:04, 5 September 2006 (EDT)

Alright if it was in writing. Also did you get the acutally magazine or is this from someone else? -Spartan

What's a Humbug(the candy}?

humbugs are a strpiy black and white mint sweet

I changed the link in the picture, but the file still says zomba