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Any way to get more chances in the mini game? I'm trying to master romance the Moozipan and I'm on my last romance. Thing is I only have one life in the maze and you need at least two (since you're trapped in the utter once the game starts and you need to sacrifice a life to get out)

Do one of 2 things, 1: Buy another Moozipan, or 2: Crate up all your Moozipans except 2 so then there will be all those lives in the game. --pinataFan626001 (9:35pm, 5/7/08)

My favorite method to get extra lives is just to crate up pinata's for a short while, then take them back out when I'm not romancing anymore.

I noticed you said that you 'had' to sacrifice a life. I dont think there are any where you HAVE to, but there are alot of mini-games where it's certainly easier to. Maybe you just missed a sleeping red thing. Their faces are dim and they dont move much. You can 'tip toe' past these. You just have to move pretty slowly.

Good luck!