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When you get two pinatas they do a dance and then you get another baby pinata. That pinata grows to adulthood. Then do the original "parents" have another pinata to "dance" with their first baby? Or is another of the same pinata allowed to come in to the garden for the new pinata? -Spartan

I was thinking about that ever since I saw that new video. He even said fifferent "families" of pinatas will have different coloring but you cant really create a "new" family like that.EDIT okay, yeah I get it now. But do they still have to, you know, with the mommy or daddy?


By "family" I think he meant species (coloring of the pony vs. horstachio)... not families in the mommy and daddy sense. --Jimmcq

I dunno on that second part... If not the parent... then what? a sibling?  :) --Jimmcq

The impression I got from the video was that you use the split-selection ring, to select any two (of the same species) to mate. I don't believe there's any concept of a family tree. The other thing that the video mentioned is that your pinatas don't have a gender. You could name your Syrupents Sally and Sarah and they could bring a baby into the garden, but there's no actual gender, in-game. --FeralKitty 14:13, 29 August 2006 (MDT)