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The Pinata Vision app allows Viva Piñata: Trouble in Paradise gamers to browse and scan Piñata Vision cards directly from their iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad. The latest version adds support for Retina displays.

"Your app just keeps getting better!" -- shrly   "Overall very impressive" -- Lymaniii


  • Several ways to browse. The cards are organized by species and by type of card, for quick navigation to any card. Cards can also be searched for by description, or viewed by date to see which cards are new or recent.
  • Downloadable card updates. The built-in download feature keeps your collection up-to-date, as new cards become available from this wiki.
  • Manage your favorite cards. Mark any cards as favorites, for fast, direct access to them.
  • Fast, easy scanning. The cards are natively drawn by the app, avoiding problems trying to scan resized card images or poor-quality photos of older cards. The actual card images are directly accessible if you want to see a card's picture.
  • Complete and portable. The Piñata Vision app is bundled with over 2,000 Pinata Vision cards, and Internet access is not required to browse or scan the cards. Now you can scan cards into the game without needing to be near a computer or to print out a card.


Get the app for free from the iTunes App Store. (Link opens in iTunes.)

Popular cards

Here are a few of the popular cards that are available for the Pinata Vision app.



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