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The Viva Piñata games

General information about the game

Viva Piñata: Classic | Viva Piñata: Trouble in Paradise | Viva Piñata: Pocket Paradise

Achievements | Awards | FAQ | Xbox Live | Xbox Live Marketplace


Currency | Post Office | Shops | User interface

Encyclopedia | Day and night cycle | Weather

Gardener level | Transformation | Glitches, bugs and exploits

Just for Fun | Couch Social | Piñata Vision

Your tools

Shovel | Trick Stick | Surface Packets | Journal

??? | Camera | Watering Can | Seed Pouch

Items you can place in your garden

Labeling your Piñatas | Accessorizing your Piñatas | Trading your Piñatas

Food chain | Life stages | Romance Dance

Getting to know your garden helpers

Leafos and Family | Garden Helpers | Shop Keepers

Gameplay Tips

Attracting new species | Designing your garden | Taming sour piñatas | Tending your plants

Corporations behind the games

Developed by Rare® Ltd. and Climax Group

Published by Microsoft Game Studios and THQ

Press release

The Viva Piñata: Party Animals game

General information about Party Animals

Achievements | Challenge Events | Racetracks | Xbox Live | Xbox Live Marketplace


Hudson | Fergy | Paulie | Franklin

Hailey | Petunia | Francine | Florence

Corporations behind the Party Animals game

Developed by Krome Studios Pty. Ltd.

Published by Microsoft Game Studios

General Viva Piñata information

Piñata species

Classic | Trouble in Paradise | Pocket Paradise

Aquatic | Arctic | Cryptid | Desert | Domestic

Evolved | Flying | Nocturnal | Sour

Wild-card piñatas


Aquatic | Arctic | Desert

Trees | Bushes | Flowers | Vegetables | Weeds

Commonly asked questions


Piñata Central | Piñata garden | Piñata Island | Piñata Yada Yada

Licensed Viva Piñata Merchandise


Prima Strategy Guide

The Viva Piñata TV Show

General information about the television series

Episode guide | Theme Song | Voice Cast

Stars of the television series

Hudson | Fergy | Paulie | Franklin

Tina | Teddington | Ella | Les

Corporations behind the television series

Produced by 4Kids Entertainment

Animation by Bardel Entertainment

Shown by 4Kids TV (US) and YTV (Canada)

The Viva Piñata forum

The Forum (PIF)

Staff behind the forum

Administrator and Moderators

Contact the Administrator via Email