High Plains Drafter

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"High Plains Drafter" is the first episode of Viva Piñata's second season. It is scheduled to air in North America on September 8, 2007.


The "Insulting" caricature of Marvin
The caricature re-do.

A masked Mallowolf named 'El Sketcho' moseys into the Garden. Armed with a bandoleer of pencils, a hand-crank pencil sharpener and rolls of paper - El Sketcho wounds the piñatas' egos with quick draw, rapid fire caricatures of them. There's only one hombre with the artistic skills to send El Sketcho packing: Franklin! But will he?

Gameplay tips


  • Fergy: Three more cold ones!
  • Franklin: Dude, if I'm gonna down another milkshake, I'd better go make some room! (Runs for bathroom)

  • Hudson: (Looks at ugly caricature) Oh-ho-ho! Simone, call my cosmetic surgeon, stat!

  • Pecky: It's almost high noon here, outside Mabel Moozipan's malt shop. And we're about to witness a real live showdown!
  • Mabel: Are you crazy?! Get down before you get hit by a stray caricature!

  • Sweetooth: (Sees El Sketcho drinking with mask on) It might be easier next time if you take your mask off first
  • El Sketcho: (growls, then angrilly draws an ugly caricature of the sweetooth and hands it to him)
  • Sweetooth: Is this what I look like? I'm hideous! (runs off screaming and jumps through window)
  • El Sketcho: Anybody else have a HELPFUL hint?
  • Everyone: (Runs off screaming)


  • El sketcho is a wildcard
  • A caricature is either a portrait that exaggerates or distorts the essence of a person or thing to create an easily identifiable visual likeness of a person using exaggeration of some characteristics and oversimplification of others.

Piñata species in episode


Characters which make their first appearances in this episode are:


  • This episode is the first to be in the western part of Pinata Island