A Terrible Tribute

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"A Terrible Tribute" is the twelfth episode of Viva Piñata's second season. It originally aired in North America on October 20th, 2007.


Playing off of a parody from the 1950's show "This is your Life", Hudson is brought onto a TV show and confronted by people from his past. One of the guests is the pinata who Hudson looked up to from his youth, Henderson Horstachio. Hudson has blamed himself for years for what happened to him, but on the show he finds out the true story of what happend...


  • Fergy: *Looking at Corina* Err... She's stunning all right...
  • Paulie: Yes, i'm DEFINATELY stunned!

  • Corina: You still owe me that slow dance, nimrod! *Punches Hudson*

Hudson and Henderson break into song:

  • Hudson: Who cares if your stuck in a horn
  • Henderson: 'Cause tonight, a friendship is born
  • H & H: We're a team
  • Henderson: Now lets get on with the show
  • Hudson: At least your not stuck in a picolo
  • Henderson: Yowza! I can't always fit through a door.
  • Hudson: So grab some grease, hey what are friends for
  • Henderson: You're my pal
  • Hudson: Thanks
  • Henderson: From your head to your toe.
  • Hudson: Oh, what do you do when you, uh, have to go?
  • Henderson: I'll tell you later (crowd laughs)
  • H & H: You know I always got your back, we truly are polished chaps
  • Hudson: For one
  • Henderson: And two
  • Hudson: That add's up
  • Dr. Quackberry: And many more!

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Characters which make their first appearances in this episode are: