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Player Status

Game Time Elapsed: 215 Days 21 Hours 47 Minutes

Garden Value: 114,691

Gardener Rank: Ultimate Gardener 70

Your Account: 171,063

--Eiyuu Kou 11:49, 4 March 2007 (EST)

Right now I am romancing Pinatas and making them grow into their variants. There seems to be a lack of research on the lower to middle tier Pinatas so I am probably going to be logging their interactions. The Salamango, for example, is incredibly slow. There is always a 'romancing problem' with them even if the routing is perfect. They also seem to have a below-par intelligence because they often forget to do something when assigned. They, however, appear to be quite calm and have a s-m frame.

Chewnicorns, another example, are quite fast and can freely heal hurt Pinatas. Their massive size and widely-spread legs, however, can make a disturbing point. Small frame pinatas like Whirlms can pass right under them and do not get crushed whilst the young Chewnicorn can be crushed easily by a passing adult Chewnicorn due to their s-m frame. This in reality happens alot with the larger land-based pinatas. Nevertheless a young pinata seems to grow faster when it had been crushed for some reason. This might be a bug that is not terribly obvious, but exists.