Louis Leminee

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Louis the Lemmoning is the leader of a herd of Lemmonings of whom all live in the Piñarctic. Louis and the others made thier first and only appearance in the episode Snow Place Like Home, where Paulie and Fergy, with help from The Bonboon, found what was supposed to be a paradise where the party-haters could escape to and reside and avoid ever going to parties again. Later in the episode, Louis and the Lemmonings, Paulie and Fergy's Piñarctic neighbors, made suicidal plans to jump over a cliff into the freezing ocean and unfortunately, when the Lemmonings didn't notice that they rammed into the house/shed they were in at the moment, Paulie and Fergy were on the herds' backs at the time when they were about to. The duo would have plunged into the sub-zero sea if it weren't for Les, who led the crazy Lemmonings away from the cliff by having them follow his dance moves.

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