Designer Halloween Garden

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Making a Halloween Garden

A spooky garden is one of the most fun. And luckily VP has plenty of spooky toys to play with. You'll have to complete all Langston's challenges to get all the great items you can, but it's worth it!

Crowlas, Mallowolves, Arocknids, and Sherbats are some of the most obvious pinatas to make your hair crawl, but don't forget to plant lots of dandelions to keep them all jumping!


Here are a few characters from my dandy spook's garden you can scan to get started:


  • Teach Crowlas their second trick to see a spooky site.
  • Using fertilizer, create a pumpkin patch with many different sized pumpkins. Have Bart tinker your pumpkins for a glowing Jack 'o Lantern.
  • Pinata houses that are a scary site for eyes are the Crowlas, Mallowolves, Sherbats.
  • Use a combination of long grass, short grass, dirt, and stunted weeds (planted too close together to ever flower or seed) to create a landscape reminiscent of an abandoned haunted house.
  • Be sure to put in a coffin to make the creepy mist linger.
  • Try making a little graveyard with iron fences and gravestones. The grave itself can be plain dirt surrounded by grass or a few tiles. You'll need some candles or torches to complete the scare setting. You could also unleash Sour Profitamoles on your garden and put Tombstones behind the Mine Workings.