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**GoodVariants cards
**GoodVariants cards
**Blackariants cards
**Blackariants cards
*Ruffian cards
*Pest cards
== VivaPinata.com (searchable) organization ==
== VivaPinata.com (searchable) organization ==

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  • Navigate a growing collection of cards
  • Search for cards?
    • Can this be done via the/a search engine?
  • Organize/present cards by type or relevance for any article
  • Friendly, intuitive


  • Low-maintenance - Doesn't require (much/any) article editing to maintain, as new cards are added
  • Low-overhead - Not intensive to compute
  • Low-footprint - Articles not filled with many card images



PV icon

Requires upgrade to 1.14 to work.

Can be used in many places to add a link to a card, however it's not necessarily intuitive that it's clickable. A user would have to hover over it to see that it's a clickable link.

In-table, such as the General Store, transformation, or list of concept art articles:

Picture # Picture type
1/139 PV icon.png Raisant

Inline, such as from species articles:

Feeding it a banana split PV icon.png changes its color to yellow.

Dynamic Page List (DPL)

Present a list in a collapsible table. There's some overhead to dynamically generate these lists, and it's not certain what, if any, impact there would be from popular articles. The advantage is that relevant cards, once categorized so DPL can look them up, can be shown at an article, so you could see (links to) all Kittyfloss cards at the Kittyfloss article, all trick stick cards at the trick stick article, all weather cards at the weather article, etc.

The example is a bit contrived, but shows that there could be lots of different relevant cards, making the list itself a bit unwieldy to "navigate."

Note that subgarden species have their own cards, e.g., Mate Cutscene zz1snowrabbit, zz2sandant. Sours also have their own cards, e.g., Appear Cutscene crowpest, Blackariant zz1lemmingpest.

Do we group all in one DPL, or have 2 or 3 separate DPLs on an article?

By hand

Simplify, by excluding cards already shown at article. Hides image names, organizes cards by type.

Transclude (from PV NS?)

Since the results are "static," result sets could live in other articles, and be transcluded in topic articles:

Kittyfloss cards, Sour Kittyfloss cards, Arctic Kittyfloss cards

{{:Kittyfloss cards}} {{:Arctic Kittyfloss cards}}


  • Avoid DPL
  • Avoid adding lots of new categories to support DPL or navigation
  • Result sets get categorized as articles themselves, and become the basis for topical navigation.
  • Save having to categorize hundreds of existing/new images.


  • Result sets can't be anything more than a result set.
  • PV category tree becomes flattened.
  • Only supports navigation by "set," but is equivalent to sub-category articles, however, there is no equivalent to "These are the articles in the category."
  • Maintained by hand.

Variations on this - Turn the result sets into proper articles, then transclude the article as its own PV card tab. Downside is that the DL for the species article is even bigger -- more content, more images(?) -- and we're delivering even more content that the visitor may not need/be interested in.

Hover boxes could present details, such as PV card, availability level, cost, method to obtain, etc. This could keep PV images, Journal descriptions, and other-article details off an article itself, yet easily available without having to navigate elsewhere.

Chilies share their color with fire engines. The engine is famous for stopping fires, while the chili will start one in the mouth of anything that is brave or foolish enough to eat it.


  • Buy a chili, General Store at level 11, 500 cc.
  • Plant a chili seed, General Store at level 11, 22 cc.
  • Hire Bart to tinker a Jeli.

One possibility is to think how articles could be reorganized to support a popup gadget approach.

  • Weather cards
  • Cutscene cards
    • Mate cutscene cards
    • Appear cutscene cards
  • ViewTagInJournal cards
  • UnlockArt cards
  • UnlockTag cards
    • ZZTrickStick cards
  • TimeWarp cards
  • PlaceTag cards
    • Sweet cards
    • Seed cards
    • Prop cards
    • Produce cards
    • BifTree cards
    • BifPlant cards
    • ZZToy cards
    • Paving cards
    • Home cards
    • Fruit cards
    • Egg cards
    • Vegetable cards
  • Trick cards
    • Perform trick cards
    • Learn trick cards
  • Variant cards
    • GoodVariants cards
    • Blackariants cards
  • Ruffian cards
  • Pest cards

VivaPinata.com (searchable) organization

  • Species
  • Species - variant
  • Species - wildcard
  • Species - variant wildcard
  • Helpers
  • Homes
  • Eggs
  • Etc - Improvements (fences, gates, other props, toys, paving, etc.)
  • Etc - Greenery (Fruit, produce, vegetables, tinkered items, plants, seeds, etc.)
  • Etc - Candy (Life sweets, other sweets -- joy, golf, romance, etc.)