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== Spelling ==
I made the spelling consistent, based on the article name.  I don't have my game open right now to confirm the proper spelling.  --[[User:FeralKitty|FeralKitty]] 04:24, 4 May 2007 (EDT)
To earn those master romancer awards quick, all you have to do is to buy 7 pets from petula

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Wow something that cute could become something so mean. Sweet! -Spartan


Does anybody know what the Sour Macaraccoon does, and what it does when you make it good again? -MiaRe123


  • Because of its award-based resident requirement, it is possible to tame many Macaraccoons at once, eliminating the need to use Syrupents to attract new visitors, as long as you have not already earned 5 Master Romancer awards. Once you have a Sour Macaraccoon visiting, buy a Cluckles from Paper Pets and let the Sour Macaraccoon eat it. While it is still walking around the garden, save and quit that garden and open another. Repeat that step for as many Macaraccoons as you want to tame at once, one in each garden. When you earn your 5th Master Romancer award, the Macaraccoon will become tame, at which time you can switch to your next garden, where that one will immediately become tame, and so on. Now you can ship the Macaraccoons to yourself and put them all in the same garden! -- GunnerMcGrath-920 15:24, 14 April 2007

If you want to delay getting your sour block, and have gardens to spare, it's an interesting tip. (I'd suspect that approach would work with any sour, and don't really see a direct connection to the 5 Master Romancer awards.) However, at some point, you'll still need all those Syrupents to keep your Macaraccoons happy, as they're what make the garden attractive (to the Macaraccoon) in the first place. --FeralKitty 04:24, 4 May 2007 (EDT)


To earn those master romancer awards quick, all you have to do is to buy 7 pets from petula