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The Ruffians are a group of menacing Piñata poachers led by Professor Pester on the island. They are humanoid characters who will do their worst to spoil your garden and should be dealt with as soon as they're spotted.


  • Ruffians will show up and take away your helpers if they become trapped in your garden.
  • They will open gates and destroy fences in your garden.
  • If there is water in the way of a Ruffian, it will "throw up" land to make a bridge in order to leave the garden.

Ways to deal with Ruffians

  • You can scare them away by whacking them with an upgraded shovel.
  • If you bribe them with chocolate coins (as soon as they enter your garden), they will temporarily leave.
  • You can direct a Mallowolf to howl at them in order to scare them off, unlocking an achievement in the process.
  • Buying a Captain's Cutlass (available at level 30) for the garden will keep them away for good.