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*[[Wishing Well|Wishing well]]
*[[Wishing Well|Wishing well]]
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Welcome to PinataIsland.info,
the Viva Piñata information resource that anyone can edit.

What is Viva Piñata?


"Viva Piñata" is a vibrant world of living piñata animals filled with spontaneity and fun. The colorful and unique animals live and thrive in a growing garden where they interact with each other bringing adventure to life. The piñata universe is exciting and humorous – a place where anything can happen.

Viva Piñata first started as a TV show (now available on DVD), along with its popular Classic game for the Xbox 360. A year later, the Classic game was released for Windows, and Xbox 360 fans got a spin-off party game called Party Animals. More recently, a Trouble in Paradise sequel to Classic launched for the Xbox 360, along with an enhanced version of Classic (featuring 7 brand new species) for the Nintendo DS, titled Pocket Paradise.

What is here?

Popular Viva Piñata articles

Tip of the day:
A great way to raise money and gain a growth reward is to plant a pumpkin seed and use the orange fertilizer three times on the new seed. This will yield a huge pumpkin. Sell it for 240 coins.

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Viva Piñata is a game by Rare® Ltd., and published by Microsoft Game Studios.