Fudge Match

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4KidsTV video

"Fudge Match" is the fourteenth episode of Viva Piñata's second season. It is scheduled to air in North America on October 27, 2007.



A new Fudgehog comes in the garden steals all of Fergy's friends! Fergy is in a state of Sadness and Anger. He has to get his friends back! But how to overthrow this amateur....


  • All: To Flex Fudgehog!
  • Fergy: *Mockingly* To Flex Fudgehog!

  • Flex: It should play CDs now. Plus washed windows, fetch a meal, rearrange your furniture and find you a date online!
  • Paulie: Flex your the greatest!!

  • Flex: *To Les* Bedibadeebobeebeebee.
  • Les: *Amazed, jumps on Flex's side* Bribadaburrudah!

Piñata Species in Episode


  • The competition is called the Party Animals event, hosted by Pecky & Pierre. This episode ise an obvious reference to the video game, Viva Pinata: Party Animals. Please note the large golden Bonboons hovering over the track, with water coming out their mouths, just like the VP/PA splash screen.
  • There's an obvious spoof here, Flex can speak Galagoogoo because the voice of Les plays Flex.