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Animal:Doe (Deer)
Base value:2100 coins
The Doenut has a disco club for its house.
Housing cost:1155 coins
Romance dance

Ah, see how the gentle Doenut, frolics through the long grass... at least 80 square pinometers to be exact. Or 400 pinometers of normal grass, either one will make a Doenut appear outside your garden, but I needed to set the atmosphere. For it to visit your enchanting garden, you must grow 60 pinometers of tall grass and have either 10 blackberries or 10 gooseberries sitting in your abode. For it to play in your fields permanatly, it will have to eat 6 blackberries or 6 gooseberries. Your garden will also need 80 pinometers of long grass. To romance these creatures feed a Doenut, 1 sunflower and 1 tulip, and make sure you have 100 pinometers of tall grass. Oh, no do I spy a predator stalking the Doenut in the long grass as well!?


Appear requirements

  • You have 400 square pinometers of grass (40%) or 80 square pinometers of long grass (8%)

Visit requirements

Resident requirements

  • Has eaten 6 blackberries or 6 gooseberries
  • Have 80 square pinometers of long grass (8%)

Romance requirements

  • Has eaten 1 sunflower
  • Has eaten 1 tulip
  • Have 100 square pinometers of long grass (10%)
  • There is a Doenut house in the garden

Species variants

Species variants for the Doenut

Feeding it a Jack 'o Lantern and an ear of corn changes its color to orange.
Feeding it an oak seed changes its color to green.
Feeding it a thistle flower and a gooseberry fool changes its color to purple.

Doenut uses

  • 5 Doenuts in the garden helps meet the Roario Visit requirements.
  • Eating 2 Doenuts helps meet the Roario Resident requirements.