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Hi im wraisin pie most of you know me a lot some of you know me a little bit and some of you (especcilly new members) wouldn't know me at all,im most known cause im a roleplay member,im a level 2 member now i joined the forum on the 2nd of august 2007 and dispite my name is wraisin pie i dont like raisins

if you wanna request me on your freinds list heres my gamertag at the botom of the page V


viva pinata(well only the tv show a bit and viva pinata party annimals)[1]

overlord (primary intrest)[2]

xbox live(secondary intrest)[3]

socilising with freinds(intrest when at school)


birds [4] [5]

fav food

chocolate (milk chocolate) ice cream (whiped with syrup and a flake on it)

Roleplay characters

Lewis the Lackatoad (primary major character)(used) he is an averige lackatoad with a normal life but can be a very easily suprised and cowardice lackatoad,he may harm if he has to and can get himself into dangers like getting lost and getting stuck and beaten up,when he sees an evil person or someone who attacked him in the past he'll make a run for it but the bad thing is he is very stupid (i.q is suprisingly lower than ella elephanillas) and when you ask him something he does it but with failue and has to learn about a little thing called evil and sometimes when someone says what something is he asks what it is because he has day-dreamy-itis i desese where pinatas daydream a bit too much

Noah the Newtgat (major character)(used)(deasesed eaten by sour cocoadile) he is a newtgat with a crazy fake prediction,he thinks pinataisland is gona flood and he goes round pinataisland telling everyone about a flood but no one belives him,he keeps a pinata ark in the garden just in case there is a flood and loves to swim he recently became palls with lewis lackatoad,hes also stupid but not as stupid as lewis

Prentella the pretztail (minor character) he is a normal pretztail but he loves to show off his bling and hudson horstachio hates him for that,he thinks hes the master off cool but his childlife he was a nerd,he is paulie pretztails cousin and they get along pretty well

Garry Galagoogoo (another minor character)(may use soon):he is les galagoogoos long lost brother and is considered the more understanderble one cause garry learned english unlike his long lost brother les,hes not got a specilalyty in ninga but hes good at construction work and is a assistent wrangler (helps langston with his job)

Liellah Lackatoad (new major character) she is a nice lackatoad with hight stamina,lewis lackatoad met her while he was at poisonous feild,she developed a strong liking to lewis and they became best freinnds,but she dosnt know that lewis is stupid weak and cowardice,she thinks hes a superstar lackatoad who will save her day,like lewis shes afraid of anything that attacks her,she is slightly younger than lewis but still adult age she thinks noah is ok but dosnt like his over annoyence cause of his annoying flood story he made up she is a waitress and when she eats normal food,she adds poison to it. her power is stronger kicking than the averige lackatoad

sammy syrepent:he is the an extrodinary syrepent cause hes the only wc syrepent on the island (the other few were eaten by macaracoons) he knows 90% of pinataislands population,he is not coward and will face 98% of all chalenges and is got a good pinata immune system,he has no accesorys and dosnt belive in pinata ghost

cherry now tame cocoadile:he is a very mean sour and is the only wc sour on pinataisalnd,he met lewis and his clan at toadstool feilds and offered to fight them of eat them but apparently he was kind and said choose,they all looked at noah and noah didnt like that,his power is a mega hydro blast which send even dragonache flying a mile and that not his real power,when he goes up to his ultimate over anger his hydro blast can be so powerful it can send even a dragonache flying thro galixies.when he became tame his power was to shoot super thick arcanium(hell strong metal)false teeth that can be as powerful as the mega hydro blast and he forgot 98%of his sour history,the parts he did remember he get them confused like he now says noah newtgat and lewis lackatoad are enymys even tho they were freind,he remembers eating a newtgat but he forgot who it was until sammy syrepent told him

Andrew archcocoaopteryx (if pmg3000 putted her made up pinata on the roleplay i can as well):hes an archeoptyrx pinata with a nasty habit of stratching good pinaats during flight but has a good habit of straching bad guys during flight,he is half the size of an averige buzzenge,his entire species eats all bugs (prefrely dragumflys)he hates but likes water,he always want ot look his best and loves to preen his paper,he is a fast flyer and his power is super fast flight

OSEPHORIOTEBRINGERIO aka ozzy orailge(another made up pinata):he is an innocent orailge with the nicest attitude evermhe is popular with the cute pinatas and only goes angry if someone offers to fight him then he flips out so much he looks like the bird equivelent of cherry the sour cocoadile,his power is an ultra strong beak.

overlord human:hes the overlod from overlord who will vist pinataisland to see how the 4 minions are doing or a mission

brown brown minion:the leader of the 4 minions gang and the most bravest

red red minion:the most aggresive of the 4 minons and loves seeing pinatas go on fire especcily goobaas

green green minon:the dept leader of the minion gang

blue blue minion:the angel of the minon gang he is the fastest and the best reflexes of the minion gang so he will heal the guys and quick with hardly any damage himself

pasta pudgeon:the untimate hater of human and humabo kind,he will try to kill any he sees and also will try to kill jelicans and pelicans and falcanes and falcones as well and an occasonal buzzengwe but not buzzard(sometimes)

ballay buzzenge:she has awsome senses he heared pasta pudgeon 500 meters away and heard him like hes shouting in her ears and is the wife of barry buzzenge

heres a link to the roleplay thread: [6]

text colors for my roleplay characters

Lewis=dark orchid





sammy=dark orange



red:dark red

green:dark olive green



pasta:dim grey



threads i made

i made so many thread i think you should check my user cp to see them all,my most popullar thread is my guess the pinata thred

cheak out my roleplay thread its called water world pinataisland but theres two of them same title info on the threads

how i am on viva pinata

im on it everyday taking care of my pinatas,i dont have gardens stuffed full of pinatas,i used to have 1,000,000 ccs but it lowered to 850,000 ccs,i like to see pinatas fighting and eating each other(not cause im a bit cruel to them i like pinatas. i somtimes do sales on the p.i.f my galagoogoo auction failed and my 20 salamangos sale was unsuccesful

fav pinatas

well it depends but today they are

0(fav of them all).galagoogoo






did you notice there all but two are bird pinatas

least fav pinata

1.dragonache(there useless)





primary garden

bad quailair garden (dont ask me why i called it that im just crazy)

a red elephanilla with devel horns

2 pudgeons

1 salamango

1 roario

1 lackatoad

1 cocoadile

1 chewnicorn

1 bonboon

1 green dragonache

my discovered glitches

i discovered the glitch about pinatas getting eaten get stuck more info about that glitch on the glitch page

my edits(that i remember)

well this page obbiously,i corrected the shellybeans attack once and the ponockys attack twice,i put the unamed buzzenge from pecky pudgeon privite eye i added more info for the unamed barkbark and betty bunnycomb,i corrected the quackberrys conflict they do not fight with juicygeese and the badgesicle and kittyflosses enymys sinse when do kittyflosses fight with shellybeans and sqazzils and sinse when do badgesicles fight with syrepents,the eating glitch

my gamer tag it can come i handy if you wanna send a freinds request to me(some kind peson did that once)