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In-Game Description

Jardiniero was the orignal owner of the garden that you are given to bring it back to its former glory. Jardiniero will give you upgrades to your title, shovel, and garden space as you increase in level.


Jardiniero was the best gardener on Piñata Island. He could grow any plant and could attract any piñata, exept for one. During his first year at the garden he met his wife, a ship hand. This was before the time of Piñata Central and piñatas had to be carried by boats to the parties. They got married and she was able to stay on the island for one year before the shipping duties called her back to the sea. Over time they had four children, in order of birth, Stardos, Leafos, Storkos, and Seedos.

Jardiniero had a pupil, Lester, that he would teach as his student helped around the garden, unfortunatly his student did not seem to help. The Master Gardener would always find his student not doing his work and creating evil black and red paste. One day Jardiniero had a talk with Lester who said that he just heard of the location of the Dragonache egg.

This was Jardiniero's dream, he soon set out with his wife to the secret island that the egg was said to be at...



In-Game Description

Leafos would like to help you become a great gardener. Leafos will help by giving you some basic tools, and explaining how to use them. She also gives advice near the beginning of the game. During the game she will wander around your garden during the daytime and you can speak to her to hear some of her advice by pressing Button a.png. So don't be afraid to ask her, but beware not everything she says is true. It is also worth noting that Leafos doesn't take kindly to being watered or whacked; temporarily removing the player's watering can or shovel if she deems it necessary!


The second child of Jardiniero and his wife. A fast learner and extreme passion for piñatas. She was always helping her father and had a natural talent to soothe piñatas and to know their wants and needs. She began a diary of her experiences in the garden and was always seen carrying it around to add little tid-bits of information. Jardiniero was impressed by the bookkeeping of Leafos and turned the diary into the Journal. The garden Journal was the ultimate resource for Jardiniero and he would frequently look up information to help improve his garden.



In-Game Description

Storkos appears after your pinatas have had a romance dance,to bring you the new egg.


The third child of Jardiniero and his wife. Born at sea, she was a bit of a surprise for the wife, who named her after the storks that flew with the ship from harbor to harbor. Storkos would always pretend to fly on the ship and said that someday she would fly like the birds. Storkos learned about superheroes by reading the sailors' comic books, and always wanted to be one.

On Piñata Island, eggs appear on egg mountain as soon as piñatas are done romancing. One day, Storkos started delivering the eggs directly to all of the piñatas' homes, saving them the arduous journey. After that moment Storkos was a hero!



In-Game Description

Seedos, a character who specializes in seeds, will offer you a seed almost every time you talk with him (up to about 3 to 4 seeds per visit when you talk.)

Seedos is a character that roams your garden and laughs contently to see well watered and fertilized plants. If you ever get the chance to talk to him, maybe he'll throw a seed that you may need to attract a certain kind of piñata.

If you're lucky, he will throw a mystery seed. No, they don't grow mystery trees. These are seeds that you have not seen or sowed. Plant it in the ground and soon you will have a new plant. Once the seed is planted, you can use your Journal to see what your new plant is. If you aren't sure what a seed is, you can press
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to start the selling process, Costolot will know what type of seed it is. You don't have to sell the seed to find out what type it is. As your level increases new seeds will be available only from Seedos. Once you have received a seed from Seedos, it will become available for purchase at Costolot's store.

You can whack Seedos with your shovel and he will drop many seeds. However, when he returns to your garden, he will drop weed seeds everywhere. Talking to Seedos multiple times before he walks out of your garden will have the same effect as a shovel whack without getting the weed seeds dropped. When whacked with the shovel, Seedos will stay away from your garden longer between visits.

Spraying Seedos with the watering can will make him happy, and may increase your chances of receiving a high value seed. He will also become happy when he inspects fully grown (with fertilizer) plants.


The youngest of the family. Originally named Sidos, but after a tragic event he changed his name. Possibly the child with the most talent when it comes to gardening, he could grow a plant and communicate with piñatas before he could say mommy or daddy. His favorite piñata was the Shellybean, because a Shellybean family adopted him during a tragic time, and when Piñata Central needed some Shellybeans, Seedos was able to help and gave some to them.



In-Game Description

There is a witchdoctor named Dastardos who puts sick piñatas out of their misery with a big stick. When things go badly for an animal, they get sick. Dastardos has invented a cheerful song to help him through the day and make piñatas calm while he 'fixes' them...


The first child of Jardiniero and his wife, born with the name Stardos. He was taught by his father about how to raise a garden and to help out when a piñata is in need. Lester and Stardos were both learning the best ways to cultivate the land so that no piñata could resist. One day Jardiniero had caught a rumor that the Dragonache egg had been discovered on a far off island and Stardos was left in charge of the other three kids while his father was on the adventure. Stardos took the responsibility of the kids and sent his father and mother off from the docks. As soon as they left bad things began to happen. Lester had lured Stardos into his secret lair deep in the jungle, bragging how he had made a new black and red candy. Stardos tried a piece. In the Journal Jardiniero writes "There is a new person hanging around the garden, named Dastardos. He's creepy, but he reminds me of someone I used to know..." giving us the insight that Dastardos is a corrupt Stardos.

Professor Pester


In-Game Description

An all-around bad guy. The leader of the Ruffians, but far worse. He starts taking interest in your garden at level 20. Jealousy is what drives him and he strives to take away what is valuable to you. If he visits your garden, he will break or steal your most valuable piñata or item.


A man of cruel intentions, used to be Jardiniero's helper Lester. No one knows why he is evil but some people say that Jardiniero helped him become who he is today....

Dealing with Professor Pester

For help dealing with Professor Pester, see the Ruffian article.