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Woah, who's actually self-centered enough to make his own page on the wiki? Me obviously... Though there's not that much to say...

Some of my goals

Get WC

Get rich

Get a life... :P

Crap about me

I live in Canada, Quebec more specificaly, or as they say here Québec. In case you didn't understand that last joke: they speak french here. It's a little obnoxious being both half american and half Canadian, most of you probably know what Canadians think of Americans... And vice-versa.

Contrary to what is written on the door of the bathroom stall, I DO have goals, nerdy as they may be. My dream has always been to take part in the creation of a Videogame in some way, shape, or form ( preferably at Rare, they're my favorite company, they just seem so different, in a good way of course ). Ever since I can remember I have been playing videogames, and when I had established my favorite games I realised they had ALL ( at the exception of zelda ) been made by rare. From Conker's Bad Fur Day to viva pinata, I <3 Rare.

I love drawing! I've started drawing over the years and I have gotten pretty good at it, if I have a model image I can recreate it, it might take me some time depending on the picture, but I WILL recreate it, and it WILL be acurate to the original model. I even won the Kameo design-a-skin contest! Though please don't judge me on that drawing, that particular drawing was done on a 6cm X 4cm peice of paper, I would have been better off drawing it on a tissue paper.


That's all I have to say on me, why am I writting this? If someone actually read this whole thing, they're a creepy stalker and should leave me alone!

That joke aside, I'm done, this page is finished, STOP READING, GET LOST!!! I mean bye!.. No seriously, get lost.

I might add more to this page later if I feel like it, but for now, so long, peasants!