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Hello there!

My name is Peter C (but i am better known as Wyraach Ur to others)

I have 18 games under my gamer profile (some of which are demos), and only two games so far have had all achievments unlocked (Cars and Viva Pinata)

I am currently on and off of Viva Pinata (due to my busy life at college and other things), but i am progressing extremly well. I have only 6 more Pinata to make resident, and then its working to get my level to 100+

If you ever want to trade Pinata with me, or need some help, dont hesitate to contact me on there when i am online (my gamertag is Wyraach Ur)

I write stories in my spare time, so feel free to check out my work (as well as collabs with other writers) at my Deviantart page,

I also have a Youtube account. i usually post up videos of various anime things. One of my recent videos was a Numa Numa video with clips from the Viva Pinata cartoon and video game (among Naruto, One Piece and Yu-Gi-Oh!/GX). check it out here:

Have fun playing VP, and i hope to play with you all soon!