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Welcome To the Graphix Junkies Wiki!


Scroll to the bottom for some of our amazing GJ banners!

We are a multi-forum graphics team with a goal to make each forum we operate on more visually compelling and elaborate. We can help out those who are just beggining to create graphics to learn more and develop their skills faster than by learning on their own.

Here on PIF, we not only create graphics but run contests and giveaways based around Viva Pinata.

To join GJ, visit the sign-up thread here- anyone can join, even those not interested in graphics! (see ranks below)


  • GODS own the Graphix Junkies and lead the lower ranked members to and fro. The gods include the main wiki manager, the elite creator, any other highly important persons, and me.
  • CREATORS will create graphics for G.J. and are the most important members of the group- they hold the very pillars of the organization up for all to gaze in wonderful awe at.
  • APPRENTICES will be able to learn the processes of graphic making, and will eventually move on to being a Creator. They can seek help from a GJ tutor regarding graphical issues. Apprentices must have a version of adobe photoshop or other graphics-making program in order to be promoted to CREATOR.
  • NOBLES were once moochers but have helped us Graphix Junkies somehow. What they lack in art-skills, they make up for in generosity and know-how. Nobles are the same as moochers, essentially, but are far much cooler.
  • MOOCHERS will join G.J. but will not be interested in creating graphics. They are here for all the great member-exclusive contests and giveaways. When moochers contribute to the Graphics Junkies by other means than making graphics, they move on to become NOBLES.
  • Special Positions-
    • Quality Assurance Officer(Assures Quality of Art before going public)
    • Writers(Create written content for wiki, comics, etc.)
    • Wiki Managers(Manages this wiki page)
    • Scribblers(Traditional medium specialist)
    • Collaborators(Works with Div Leader and QA to edit images when needed using photo editing tools)
    • Tutors(help explain graphic techniques to others, using popular imaging software)

Team Members


  • Geo12301
  • Skyei (Currently Finding Someone To Replace Her)


  • Andmill11
  • Blade
  • LiveSlappNutz
  • Mcnugget13
  • Paintking
  • Pinatamastergirl3000
  • Shedar
  • Skkipy


  • Lazydog70
  • LordRavenBlack


  • Lukim


  • Avant-Garde

Special Positions

  • PIF Division Leader- Skyei
  • Quality Assurance- Avant-Garde
  • Writer-__(OPEN)___
  • Wiki Manager- Skyei
  • Scribblers- Schedar, Pinatamastergirl3000
  • Collaborators- Mcnugget13
  • Tutors- Skkipy
  • Contest Master- Lukim

Why do you need us?

-If you need help with graphics or learning certain programs, ask a tutor.

-If you have ideas for the GJ crew, tell the PIF division leader.

-If you need a banner (or any other graphics peice) to be fixed somehow, ask the collaborator.

-if you would like to complain about something, go choke on a marshmallow. errr... I mean... if there's a problem concerning the GJ organization, tell Skyei. :)

GJ Graphics

Here are some GJ graphics that anyone can use. These were created by members of the GJ team.

GJbanner1.png (by Skyei)

gjbanner2.png (by Skyei)

gjbannerbyPcast1.jpg (by PINATAcast)

gjbannerbypcast2.jpg (by PINATAcast)

gjbannerbypcast3.jpg (by PINATAcast)

gjbannerbypcast4.jpg (by PINATAcast)

GJbanner3.png (by Skyei)

gjbanner4.png (by Skyei)

gjbannerbyskkipy.png (by Skkipy)

gj1upbynugget.png (by Mcnugget13)

GJspritebannerOP.gif (by Skyei)

GJlinkbanner2.gif (by Skyei)

banner-1.jpg (by Schedar)

...more graphics and info on the upcoming comic strip coming soon...

If you would like to commission us to make some graphics for you, your website, or organization, please contact me, Skyei, at However, please do not email me about requests such as sigs or avatars. This is only in regards for a graphics project such as website backgrounds, layouts, or buttons. if you would like a banner or avatar for your PIF account, leave a post at our GJ request thread.