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Oh no! You're trying to figure out who I am. You pervert. Hahaha. Ok well I'll tell you a little about myself. They call me Oni Kidou or Oni for short. I love Viva Piñata and play it pretty much every hour I can put into it. My main love in gaming is with music games like Dance Dance Revolution and In The Groove but are not limited to just those two games. I am a gamer and I really don't care about what system the game is on. It could be on the Xbox 360, the Nintendo Wii, the PSP, my computer, ect. A good game's a good game no matter what system. I do like the Xbox 360 verses the original Xbox due to the fact that Microsoft is actually moving towards gaming instead of non-gaming stuff like SONY is going for. I also cannot wait to pick up my Nintendo Wii when it's released. Enough with that though.

I'm a geek and I'm proud of it. I have two computers, one with Windows XP SP2 and the other Mac OS X Panther. Two PlayStation 2's, one that's US and has a FlipTop and the other is a nonmodded Japanese PS2. A GameCube (first release model). Two Xboxes, one nonmodded US and the other soft modded US. An Xbox 360. Two Nintendo DS's, both are nonmodded but I will softmod one of them. And I have a PSP. I also have an HDD with Linux Red Hat on it as well that I use in my desktop computer whenever I need to use it.

You still to know more about me? Then visit my website then. Stalk me more why don't you? ;) I'm just kidding.